June 6, 2023
Mauro Machado, Anita's father, suffers from lung cancer

Mauro Machado, Anita’s father, suffers from lung cancer

Mauro Machado, father of the singer AnitaHe claimed to be undergoing treatment for lung cancer. He shared a report saying he had not been feeling well for the past few months.

“A short summary of stressful days. Stress days 15-20,” he wrote on Instagram Stories before revealing his health issues. The singer posted a picture of her dad yesterday shortly after the surgery Sensitive but did not reveal the reason for the operation.

Mauro Machado shared the script

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Anita’s father says he discovered the cancer after undergoing routine tests in São Paulo after a “pressure peak”. In addition to surgery, Mauro says, he’s also waiting for a biopsy (removing a small node from the body for lab tests).


Vivito, columnist at splashmay offer that Anitta canceled a party in June because a family member is going to have surgery. And after a vent via Twitter, the artist celebrated the outcome of the operation by sharing a photo of her father.

“We chose not to say anything before, because everything happened so abruptly and I underwent a lobotomy. Today we woke up with good answers and we just have to thank you,” the singer wrote yesterday.

“Today is a more positive day for us after a night of lots of prayer,” Anitta wrote on Twitter without going into detail about the problems her father is facing.

The artist continued, “After the first stage, just as the doctors needed it, my father asked me to send this picture, thanking the prayer network that you made yesterday.”

Show “Fantástico” (5) last Sunday an interview with the singerwho explained the reason for his intimate tattoo, said he had never used Rowan’s law and rejected proposals to embezzle public funds.

In Instagram stories, Anita said she gave the interview five minutes after she received “very bad” news. – Perhaps about your father’s health problem.

“Five minutes before this interview started,” he said, “I ended up getting a message on my cell phone with bad news, which I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t even in that orbit at that moment.”