“Max will be an inspiration,” says Suzanne Parrot-Christmas

« Max sera une inspiration », affirme Suzanne Parrot-Noël

Suzanne Parrot-Christmas admits it : she wondered why it was not she who was sick rather than her son when she heard that Maxence had a rare form of cancer.

“It is certain that it is difficult to accept, she entrusted a few hours after her boy has revealed to the public that he started the fight of a lifetime, Thursday. At the same time, there is always worse than us. When I see the images of sick children at Sainte-Justine hospital, I think it’s terrible. And I also think their parents… “

But it is precisely in thinking of these children that Mrs. Parrot-Christmas says that his son will become an inspiration in his battle.

“Max, this is an elite athlete, it is a champion, and he’ll fight them as such. It will serve as an example and it will give courage to those who need it. “

She argues in turn that Maxence does not lack support and encouragement, which will help to overcome the disease.

“It is positive and it is positive with him. But you know, it is like that with us. We’re not the sort to commiserate about our fate. We look ahead, we stick together and we will win. And we do not spend our time talking about the illness of Max not more. There is still a life around. “

This is the physiotherapy clinic of her husband Alain, where she works, that we joined. The interview was made between two patients to treat.

“I was looking at Maxence at the tv and I had the wobbly legs in front of his strength and determination. It is solid, our great. And he will do what it takes to win. “

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