Maxence Parrot intends to fight and defeat cancer

Maxence Parrot entend se battre et vaincre le cancer

No one is immune to the disease. Not even an olympic medalist. But Maxence Parrot intends to fight and win the victory, as he has done so often in the track.

The news has been a bombshell Thursday afternoon : Parrot, 24 years old, is diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After you have drawn a line on his season, he has already started chemotherapy treatments.

“Learning that you have cancer, this is a tough one, new, he explained during a press conference held in Montreal. Yes, it’s scary, I do deny not, but I am now able to talk to you. “

Parrot, who took the silver in slopestyle at the Games in PyeongChang, began to ask questions in November, while he was in Europe, when he felt a lump in her neck. On 21 December, after a biopsy, he learned he was suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma in early stage.

“The cancer was detected very early and it is one of the cancers with the highest cure rate, has-t-he resumed. I am so confident. “

The Bromont origin, who now lives in Shefford, was calm, even very solid, in front of the media.

“The morale is good despite everything. I’m taking one day at a time. Surrounded by all the people of the family, I spent a beautiful Holiday. This is what I wanted. “

It has undergone a first chemotherapy treatment a week ago. He still has 11 in front of him here in the month of June.

“This will be my competition this year,” he stressed, forcing a smile.

Strength and courage

To speak of its situation, the Parrot was accompanied by his wife, Alysson Gendron-Gallant, of his sports psychologist, Jean-François Ménard, who have both praised his strength and courage.

“We’re putting all the chances on our side, said his wife. Whether at the level of the nutrition, physical activity, or even on the mental aspect with Jean-François. “

“Maxence is a be resilient, and he has courage, continued Menard. Because it takes courage to do what he does every weekend at the track. I know that he has fear, but fear, sometimes, can help us to achieve great things. I remember that he was afraid before the last few Games… “

The form of cancer is reached Parrot is very rare. In fact, it represents approximately 0.5 % of all cancers and 15 % of all lymphomas diagnosed. Mario Lemieux had suffered from the same disease at the time.

When he learned that he was sick, the first reaction of Parrot has been to ask the doctors if the first treatments of chemotherapy could wait for the conclusion of the X Games, of which he is a five-time champion, at the end of January. When it was his sport in the skin…

“It was explained to me that a cancer, if we do not treat it, you’ll die. There, I started to take this seriously “, he told honestly.

— With the collaboration of The canadian Press

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