Maxence Parrot, sports personality 2018 “The Voice of the East”

Maxence Parrot, personnalité sportive 2018 de «La Voix de l'Est»

It is not every day that an athlete from the region has won an olympic medal. And when Maxence Parrot has climbed on the second step of the podium last February to Pyeonchang, an area that was full of pride.

And rightly so, Parrot is the sports personality of the year from The Voice of the East.

“My husband, the two sisters of Maxence and I were very happy when Maxence was awarded his gold medal in slopestyle, said Suzanne Parrot-Christmas, the mom of a brilliant athlete. We were happy, we were proud, but there was more to it still. We taught our children that whatever our goal in life, it is necessary to work hard to achieve it. And this is something that Maxence had understood and he has been rewarded after having worked very hard. “

At 24 years old, Maxence is the youngest child of Alain Parrot and his wife Suzanne. As Sérissa, 27 years old, and Naomie, 26 years old, champion of snowboarding was raised in an environment where the sport and culture coexisted in a harmonious way.

“Two and a half years, the children were on skis and on skates,” says Ms. Parrot-Christmas. My husband has excelled in water skiing and alpine skiing, and I know that his successes have influenced Maxence. Me, I’ve always been a great skier. At the same time, the children have attended courses of guitar, piano, they sang in choirs. It was important for us that they touch at many things and not just sport. “

In fourth secondary, Maxence has even done a year of tennis in sport-studies at Massey-Vanier.

“His passion, it was the snowboarding, but it’s still important to us that he is developing something else. “

He loves his life

Maxence Parrot has talent, but he has worked hard to become one of the best in the world in his sport. And according to his mother, he appreciated what he saw.

“Maxence loves his life,” she said. He appreciates the opportunity to earn his living doing what he loves most in the world and he feels privileged to be able to travel anywhere in the world as he does. But he takes nothing for granted and he knows he must continue to put all his heart to keep what he a. “

But one thing he will not lose certainly never, this is the love of his own. Because the athlete is a family man.

“He loves when we are all together. And even when he returns at the end of the world, the first thing he does is to inform us. Then, and only then, he speaks of him. It is like that, our son. “

And because his son is a man of family, Mrs. Parrot sees Maxentius, in 10 years, taking care of her children in the home, where he was actively involved in the construction last summer in Shefford.

“During the rare free time he had during the last few Games, he was making plans of his house. It will certainly at the Beijing olympics in 2022, but then, it might put the priority on the family. Baron loves children and I know he will make a good dad. “

And it seems that it makes his life in the region and with the people who have encouraged over the years.

“After he won his medal, I said to him : “You’ll see, there are things that are going to change”. He did not believe me. But when he was appealing to people for the construction of his house, he realized that everyone knew of in the area ! “

Normal, given the pride that he has given to the people here…

Maxence Parrot, personnalité sportive 2018 de «La Voix de l'Est»

The family of Maxence Parrot had gathered in Bromont when he won his olympic medal.


Maxence Parrot, personnalité sportive 2018 de «La Voix de l'Est»

Maxence Parrot in the skies of the Phoenix Snow Park in Pyeongchang.

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