Maxime Bernier hopes to be able to make a breakthrough in Outremont

Maxime Bernier espère pouvoir  faire une percée dans Outremont

The chief of the popular Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, said that he has a “slope high” to climb to win the by-election in Outremont, but he hopes to make a breakthrough in this constituency is multicultural and student in Montreal, where his comments on multiculturalism could well do the talking.

“Mr. Trudeau, with its cult of diversity, it does not create a stronger country, if we have people who come here in Canada and who do not share the fundamental values basic to western society,” said Mr. Bernier, in an interview with The canadian Press, the sides of his candidate, James Seale, who will be under the banner of the party for the by-election of 25 February.

“It is a position that one should explain, but that the people, when we talk about it, understand it.”

Questioned whether its about opposed to “multiculturalism to the extreme” could hurt him in this riding, Mr. Bernier did not seem to mind. He believes that this message can bring, even among cultural communities.

And he has not closed the position to establish a kind of test of values, as had been proposed by his former opponent in the race is conservative Kellie Leitch.

“I still have not talked about it, and then to me, perhaps it is something to see, but it’s not part of our priorities”,-he said.

In an interview before the launch campaign of its candidate, Mr. Bernier acknowledged that the battle would be difficult in this sector, which have ruled the new democrats and the liberals over the past twenty years.

Mr. Searle, who has served in the army for 30 years, also recognizes that this will be a challenge, but at the same time, he said he was encouraged by the citizens, who are hungry for change, according to him.

“Yes, we have work to do, but at the same time, we have still very good chances, according to me,” said the former soldier, who lives in a neighbouring electoral district of Outremont.

In the light of the results of the past, the election was going to be difficult for the new training policy, which will undergo its first test.

In 2015, the former leader of the New democratic Party (NDP), Thomas Mulcair, had won the election with more than 44 % of the vote, and the liberal candidate Rachel the three brothers had finished second with about 33 % of the vote. The conservative Party, of which Mr. Bernier comes, finished third, far behind, with less than 10 % of the vote.

On the 25th of February, by-elections will also be held in British Columbia (Burnaby South ), and Ontario (York-Simcoe).

Big ambitions

The people’s Party of Canada, founded by the member of parliament for Beauce, who has slammed the door of the conservative Party Andrew Scheer last year, has just been officially recognized by Elections Canada.

But despite this short period of time to prepare for the general elections of October next, Mr. Bernier claims to be able to be brought to power, like Emmanuel Macron in France.

And it was inspired by another politician european to achieve this : Margaret Thatcher. As the former prime minister of the united kingdom, Mr. Bernier refuses to compromise on his principles, even if they are controversial.

Among other things, the member québécois wants to revise the equalization formula and to abolish supply management.

“The more we are going to talk about our beliefs, the more we will convince people, he argued. To win an election, it takes 40 % of the vote. I am ready to have 60% against me. And it is very legitimate.”

Can he speak on behalf of all Canadians in such an event? “How Mr. Trudeau can claim to represent all Canadians with 38 % of the vote?” he retorted, visibly annoyed.

In 2015, the liberals of Justin Trudeau had been brought to power with 39,5 % of the popular vote.

“We have to talk about our reforms, they are so important for the country. We talk about it before the election, during the election, and after an election. And yes, we will have the mandate to carry out our reforms”, he concluded.


The other confirmed nominees in the election of Outremont:

– Julia Sánchez (New democratic Party)

– Rachel of the three brothers (liberal Party of Canada)

– Jasmine Louras (conservative Party of Canada)

– Michel Duchesne (Bloc québécois)

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