Maxime Bernier launched the campaign of the candidate of the popular Party in Outremont

Maxime Bernier lance la campagne du candidat du Parti populaire dans Outremont

MONTREAL — the leader of The popular Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, will start Sunday in Montreal, the campaign of its candidate for the by-election in the riding of Outremont, which will be the first electoral test of the new training policy.

In the late afternoon, Mr. Bernier will participate in an event supporter, with its candidate, James Seale, a former member of the canadian armed Forces.

Mr. Seale has served in the army for 30 years. He was adjutant of the artillery, and has participated in international military including Israel, Germany, Haiti, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. For the past two years, he was director of internal control at the economic Development Agency of Canada for the regions of Quebec.

The popular Party of Canada founded by the member of parliament for Beauce, who has slammed the door of the conservative Party Andrew Scheer last year, is now officially recognized by Elections Canada. Its finances would be very good, since according to his spokesperson, Martin Masse, it would have reaped nearly a million dollars since the end of the month of August.

A survey published at the end of December indicated that the popular Party of Canada would currently 1.5 per cent of voting intentions in the country.

The battle might, however, announce daunting in Outremont. In 2015, the former leader of the New democratic Party (NDP) had won the election with more than 44 percent of the vote, and the liberal candidate Rachel the three brothers had finished second with about 33 percent of the vote.

The conservative Party, of which Mr. Bernier comes, finished third, far behind, with less than 10 percent of the vote.

On Saturday, Maxime Bernier was in Alberta, where he was invited to attend a meeting of the conservative Party free of Alberta, Calgary.

In a speech to a hundred of activists, Mr. Bernier said that Canada is treated unfairly in Alberta, whether in its pipeline project or in the equalization system.

The applause, Maxime Bernier stated that it understood the alienation of this province within the canadian confederation.


The other confirmed nominees in the election of Outremont:

– Julia Sánchez (New democratic Party)

– Rachel of the three brothers (liberal Party of Canada)

– Jasmine Louras (conservative Party of Canada)

– Michel Duchesne (Bloc québécois)

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