August 7, 2022
Mayara gets emotional after performing in the US: '' completely speechless ''

Mayara gets emotional after performing in the US: ” completely speechless ”

Moving on, Myra thanked the fans and friends who went on stage with her after a concert in the United States

Not last Sunday, 10 Mahara (33) They decided to use their social media to talk about a series of posts The feeling of having done a show in the United States Next to big friends.

The singer released a series of clicks made during the presentation, where she appeared Next to her sister, Maraisa (33) I rejoice in the fulfillment of a dream.

There are no words to describe the feeling of feeling that energy. This show will forever remain in our memories and hearts. Thank you America for welcoming us back with love. Thank you so much to all of our Brazilian fans who greeted us with so much affection. You are so wonderful! “, She said.

In the second release, he showed a video showing all the affection they received from the fans when they went on stage. On the topic, he thanked: “What a beautiful thing people! See if these people are thrilled by the sea, enjoying it and singing our songs. Thank God for giving us moments like this. Thanks Boston! “

Finally, in another recent release, he showed some recordings near the couple George E. Matthias e Zee Neto and Cristiano, Participants in the ceremony: “From the love series of my life … here are some of them in this photo … Thank you!“, She wrote, thanking her friends.

Quickly, fans of the artist began to comment on the post: “You deserve the world!“, Wrote one.”You rock a lot! “, Said another. “It was amazing! Congratulations!”, Said the third.

Check out Mayara’s recordings about the thrill of playing in the United States:

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