February 8, 2023
Mayfield has vanished with a hurricane of over 300 km/h

Mayfield has vanished with a hurricane of over 300 km/h

Mayfield, Kentucky, Nearly Perished by Last Night’s Hurricane with Potential EF5 Tornadoes About Two Kilometers in Diameter Through the District’s Urban Center | Brett Carlsen/Getty Images North America/AFP/Mitsul Metrology

The city of Mayfield, with a population of 10,000, has practically disappeared. What had been a city until last night had dawned today as an endless amount of ruins. Mayfield, Kentucky, was directly hit by a devastating tornado that is likely to be classified as an EF-5, the highest scale in Fujita’s boosted given the level of devastation observed.

Via hurricane directly across urban Mayfield. In many homes, only the concrete floor remains. Historic and solidly constructed buildings, such as the Municipal Courthouse, have partially collapsed.

A candle factory that employed more than 100 people was completely destroyed at night by winds exceeding 300 km/h from the hurricane. At the site, more than 50 people are believed to be missing

The government of the US state of Kentucky said, in a press conference held in the early hours of Saturday afternoon, that it was confirmed at dawn that the death toll in the state was 50, but the number at the end of the day may exceed 100 according to the state, daylight revealed a situation much worse than what It was imagined after a devastating tornado that passed through western Kentucky overnight.

Estimate is that The hurricane that destroyed Mayfield traveled 340 kilometers, making it the longest tornado in US history.. The hurricane also hit four US states, which is an unprecedented fact, surpassing the Tri-State hurricane of 1925.

The number of tornadoes on Friday night and Saturday at dawn rose from 30, exceeding the historical monthly average of the phenomenon in the country. US President Joe Biden said the series of deadly hurricanes that swept some US states was an “unimaginable tragedy”.

“Losing a loved one to a storm like this is an unimaginable tragedy. We are working with governors to ensure they get what they need as the search for survivors and damage assessments continues,” Biden tweeted as half a dozen states work to assess damage and deaths from the raging storm during The early hours are from Friday to Saturday.

Several counties in Kentucky were devastated by at least four hurricanes touching the ground. Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir said Hurricane Mayfield was the most dangerous hurricane in the state’s history. “Mayfield in Graves County is going to be ground zero,” Michael Doucet, director of emergency management for Kentucky, told CNN. The city received the worst blow. “There is massive destruction,” he added.

The governor declared a state of emergency before midnight Friday and said rescue teams were mobilized to save lives in the area, which was also affected by the power outage. The state government even requested federal help to deal with the disaster and mobilized the National Guard.