February 5, 2023
UOL - O melhor conteúdo

MC Gui thinks he is already in Roça

After declaring that he will no longer enter into pacts farm 13And Diane Melo Talking to MC Gui About Roça’s possibilities and thinks he’ll be on the pain benches with his new friend, who’s ready to be run by the farmer Rico Melquiades.

“On this farm, I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m going, Dynho [Alves], Marina [Ferrari] Is this you”, guess the model. “Me right? I also feel like I’m going.”The singer admitted. “I, Dynho, Sol [Solange Gomes] and you”Repeat Santa Catarina.


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“I think I will [direto pelo Fazendeiro]”, bet on funkeiro. “You think?”, ex-VIP Grand Fratelo asked. “I think so”And the pawn answered. “he is [Rico] hates you right? I think he’ll nominate Dynho.”Suggest a pawn.

“I’m thinking of something. You know I’m thinking he wants a surprise like Guilherme and I think he runs Gui [Araújo]Because he had a fight with Mileide [Mihaile]”Sophia’s mother. Then I get all the votes from the house.Hey Bond Passau, said the hitter.

Dayan pointed out the fact that no one expects to be nominated as a businessman Aline Mineiro Straight to Roça last week and the fight the manager had with the dancer during Hora do Faro.

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