December 9, 2023

MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato fired from BBB23 after harassing Dania Mendez | capital Cities

The singer and fighter left the reality show Globo after being accused of harassing a Mexican participant

MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato were kicked out of BBB23 after harassing Mexican Dania Mendez during the leader’s party, which took place on Wednesday (3/15). The singer rubbed her butt several times and the fighter tried to kiss her, even after the Mexican said she didn’t want to.

Gimme also slapped Bruna Griffaut on the butt and tried to kiss the actress and touch Dania’s breasts, according to netizens. His and Sabato’s attitudes were treated as harassment by the viewers, who requested that they be fired with disavowal letters.

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MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato were ejected from BBB 23
MC Guimê touches Dania Mendez’s ass

Shoe tries to kiss Dania Mendez even though she tells him to stop
Netizens say that MC Guimê tried to feel Dania Mendez’s breasts

Dania Mendez trying to remove MC Guimê’s hand from her body
MC Guimê slaps Bruna Griphao’s ass

Netizens point out that MC Guimê tried to kiss Bruna when she had a fight with him

During his leader’s party, the singer touched Dania’s ass several times, one of which she tried to pull his arm out of place. In another moment, while passing by Bruna Griffaue, he slapped his sister on the bottom.

In addition, netizens pointed out that he bent down to give Bruna a peck when she scolded him for the amount of alcohol he had consumed. They also say that Jimmy tried to touch Dania’s breasts during the party.

The expulsion of the singer had been requested by the public since early Thursday (3/16), when the incidents took place. The program did not comment on what happened on social media, but it took the direct measure of ending the singer’s participation in advance.

Dania was even called to the confession center to talk about conditions. And Tadeo Schmidt said during the program, on Thursday evening, that the decision to double delete was taken by the program management, after analyzing the images.

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