November 28, 2023

MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato were eliminated from “BBB 23”; Police are investigating a possible sexual harassment crime | TV and serials

MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato were eliminated from BBB 23 due to harassment

MC Guimê and Antônio Cara de Sapato were eliminated “BBB 23” About the violation of the rules of the program, the presenter of the program, Tadeo Schmidt, announced Thursday evening (16).

Earlier in the evening, Rio police stated that they had opened an investigation to determine whether Gimi and Cara de Sabato committed sexual harassment within the programme.

The survey will be conducted by the Police Department for Women’s Assistance (DEM) in Jacaripagua. “The Women’s Aid Police Station (DEM) in Jacaripagua has launched an investigation to investigate the crime of sexual harassment. Efforts are underway to investigate the behavior of those involved,” the Civil Police said in a statement.

MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato – Photo: Reproduction

The program began showing an account of how the night went, with photos of the entire ceremony, including the interactions between Guimê, Sapato, and Dania. Then, Tadeu showed photos of the participant saying in Confession that he had not noticed Guimê’s act and that he was not bothered by Cara de Sapato’s attitude.

Then the presenter announced that the production of the program was deemed to have crossed the line against the rules, and was therefore cancelled.

“We have a guest in our house. A visitor. Someone who has come from another country. But above all, a woman. And like all women, she deserves absolute respect. Of all that we’ve seen and heard, I’m here to say we don’t like what we saw yesterday.” Sapato transcended and Guimê the point. You have to be careful with the boundaries. Here and outside here. Thus, for violating the rules of the program, Guimê Sapato and Sapato were excluded from “BBB 23,” said presenter Tadeu Schmidt while talking to the participants.

“What happened here today has nothing to do with what you (Danya) said. It was our decision. Purely our decision. A program decision. It was not made by anything I said. This responsibility is not yours. It’s not your fault.”

During the afternoon, she was called to a confession center, where she spoke with a Mexican producer about what had happened and denied feeling disturbed.

Of Cara de Sabato, she said she was “amazing”. “I didn’t expect it. It was so fast. So I didn’t see it, nothing abnormal. It was a kiss I didn’t expect to steal from me,” he said. When the producer asked her if the situation was making her uncomfortable, she replied, “No, it didn’t bother me.”

“He was drunk and I don’t think he had any ill intentions. That is, I didn’t see any evil, it was normal.”

Regarding Jimmy, she didn’t remember what happened. The producer said it went over his hand, and that Danya quickly removed it. She said, “I was drunk, but I’m not a fool.” “I think we all had too much to drink yesterday, myself included, but I don’t think he meant it.”


MC Guimê touches Dania at the ‘BBB 23’ concert – Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

During the boss party this Wednesday (15) on “BBB 23”, when Gimi and Dania were posing side by side for a photo with Sapato, Amanda and Domitila in the lead, Gimi’s hand touched the area between the waist and the Mexican butt.

They move away a bit after taking the picture and talk to Sapato and Domitila. Dania, looking at Domitilla and Sabato, puts her arm around the funk singer, shoulder height.

Then Gimme placed his hands on her body again, actually touching her butt. Then he stroked the participant’s back and hair, rubbing his butt, while her hand remained on his shoulder.

The two moved back a little while Dania was dancing, still looking at Domitilla and Sabato, and Gimme’s hand touched the Mexican woman’s bottom again. Looking at his hand, she pulled it away from her body and leaned back on the table.

In another scene, in the same place and talking to Sabato and Domitilla, Dania takes Gimme’s hand which is next to her butt again, and takes it away. She raises his hand and waves it, as if in disguise and dancing, telling Domitella that Gimme is his “new best friend” (“He’s my best friend”, in free translation). Gimme laughed after the Mexican’s speech.

Singer Lexa, MC Guimê’s wife since 2018, wrote after watching backstage. “I am scared, sad and disappointed. It hurts so much. I am broken. I am at rock bottom. I am in pain. And I have no strength for anything,” he wrote.

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shoe face

Sapato Face kisses and throws itself on Dania’s head in “BBB” – Image: Clone

Dania was the target of attacks by Cara de Sabato, who even kissed the Mexican. Inside Fundo do Mar’s room, Sapato asks Domitila to say “bitoca de amigo” in Spanish to Dania. “Cheeky shoe,” Danya snapped.

Domitilla told the Mexican that Sabato said he was acting like that because he drank whiskey. “He said that because he had some whiskey today,” Domitilla told Dania. “Normally he never drinks.”

Next, Sabato embraces the Mexican woman by the neck and lowers her face to kiss her, then embraces the participant. “Padded shoes,” said Dania. “No more whiskey.”

In another moment, when the participants were getting ready for bed, Dania again became Sapato’s target. This time, she was already in bed when he went to see her off. Sabato hugs the Mexican and makes her lie on the bed. Then he throws himself on top of it and pulls down the comforter to cover it. Dania breaks free and the gladiator removes the quilt.

In another, Sabato is shown lying in bed next to Dania, the quilt on top. Dania tries to get out from under the blanket saying “No, sai, maqam”. Another moment shows the Mexican lying on the bed and Sabato trying to grab her by the legs and wrist.