September 30, 2023
MC Mirella caused a stir at the American party and 'dollar rain' · TV News

MC Mirella caused a stir at the American party and ‘dollar rain’ · TV News

MC Mirella A nightclub in Florida, USA, caused an early morning riot on Friday (7). The Funk Girl became the center of attention and drew multiple cameras as she danced on the floor. In the videos he shares on Instagram, a person does a “dollar shower” and throws several bills at the singer’s body.

“Guys, it rained money. Boff threw it at me,” he said while releasing records on the stories. “They tell me to dance, so they’m throwing in more dollars. Boff grabbed me. I’m worried he’s not stopping to pay me. Nowhere,” Mirella showed her panties full of bills.

At another time, The Dynho Alves’ ex She tried to run away from the stranger and was later identified as Jahansif Sharaf, but he chased her upstairs to the club and threw money at her.

Before the episode, the beauty said that she was not feeling well and had lost a lot of weight in recent months due to poor diet. A few minutes later, one of her famous friends injected her: “It’s been a long time coming, is not it?”.

Upon landing on North American soil, the Mirella BMW Model showed more than $ 300,000 worth of cars, excluding some purchased on the same day. Among the possessions were the Prada brand handbag, valued at R $ 9,000. Check out the pictures below:

Reproduction / Instagram

Mirella Dollar

Mirella raises dollars at a party in the United States

Reproduction / Instagram

Mirella saves more dollars

The man throws dollars at MC Mirella