June 3, 2023
McDonald's decides to remove the Macpicana line from its stores in Brazil |  Economie

McDonald’s decides to remove the Macpicana line from its stores in Brazil | Economie

The McDonald’s It has decided to remove the sandwiches of the Novos Macpikanha line from the list of all its stores in Brazil, effective Friday (29).

“We apologize if the name chosen raises suspicion and inform you that we are evaluating the next steps,” the network said in a note.

The decision is made after notification Ministry of Justice And governor-who asked for clarification about the lack of pecanas in sandwiches. Konar (National Advertising Self-Regulatory Board) has also opened an operation to investigate the fast food chain’s advertising campaign.

Thursday , governor inspected chain stores in the Federal District; See the video below:

Procon-DF inspects McDonald’s in DF

See the full note from McDonald’s:

Starting Friday (29), we will be removing the “Novos McPicanha” line sandwiches from the menu, at all restaurants in the country. We explain that the recently launched platform called “Novos McPicanha” is specifically named to offer a new experience to the consumer through the exclusive sauce with pecana flavor, a new presentation and a hamburger different in composition and size (100% beef, produced with a mix of selected cuts). and at the largest volume the chain currently offers). We apologize if the name chosen raises doubts and inform you that we are evaluating the next steps.

McDonald’s new McPicana campaign – Photo: Disclosure / McDonald’s

On the fifth of April, a McDonald’s Listed A new line of burgers known as McPicanha. But in the composition of the snack, a noble piece of meat is not included, only a sauce with a “natural flavor of pecana”.

The McDonald’s He admitted Thursday (28) that the new snacks may not contain picanha after blog Coma com o Olhos posted the information and said it may file a lawsuit against potential misleading ads in Conar and governor-SP.

In the notice, the file governorThe -SP asked the company to submit, by May 2, the nutritional table for sandwiches, with the ingredients of the ingredients – meat, sauces, additives, etc. – as well as documents “proving the quality tests carried out, showing the processing of the process, packaging and exact time of consumption”.

Previously Ministry of Justice She gave a 10-day period to the fast food chain to state “whether the product had pecana in its formula, the percentage and whether there was a change in the percentage of the cut after the hamburger line was revealed”.

“In the absence, since the product is ‘flavored’ only, the company must inform the ingredients that make up the hamburger and if the consumer is somehow informed that the pecanas are not present,” the volume said.

according to Ministry of JusticeIf inquiries are not made within the required period, the National Secretariat of Consumers (Senacon) may open an administrative proceeding against McDonald’sWith the possibility of product seizure, suspension, ban, fine or revocation of the facility’s license.

Senakon also asked Konar “whether other entities are aware of the possibility of false advertising by the fast food chain.”

Konar also commented on the case and reported that it opened a process on the 26th to verify the authenticity of the advertising message, based on consumer complaints. The procedure aims to identify any violation of the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulatory Act.