July 15, 2024

MediaTek jokes about heating issues with Qualcomm chips

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MediaTek jokes about heating issues with Qualcomm chips
MediaTek jokes about heating issues with Qualcomm chips

a Media Tech Recently Posted by Dimensions 9000, the following major chips of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Using a 4nm process, the model promises to outperform competing processors Qualcomm And mainly, the lack of heating problems.

Kevin Keating, Global Director of Public Relations at MediaTek, upset the US manufacturer during an interview with Android Authority. Confident of the good results of the new segment, the CEO asked users to remain calm:

“Only one company has a heating problem at the moment, but that’s not us. The competitor likes to spread this rumor about MediaTek, but we haven’t had this ordeal,” declared the CEO.

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Elsewhere in the conversation, Keating claims that the Dimensity 9000 provides the best energy efficiency for premium cell phones. So the actor thinks the wizard will be better than the competitor Snapdragon 8 first generation.

Dimensity 9000 has pretty impressive specs (Photo: Press Release/MediaTek)

Samsung Dimensity 9000 is testing on the Galaxy line

Recently, Ice Universe leaker revealed that several companies are testing the Dimensity 9000. Samsung You will study the use of the new processor in one of the flagship smartphones or tablets in the Galaxy line.

South Korea has already confirmed that Galaxy S22 It will use Snapdragon 8 chipset and Exynos 2200. In this way, the MediaTek model may be in devices that will be released only in the second half of 2022.

Samsung will work with three high-end chipsets for mobile phones and tablets in 2022 (Image: Press Release/Samsung)

According to rumors, Samsung has endorsed the excellent power control of the Dimensity 9000. This is exactly one of the points of criticism of the latest chipsets from Qualcomm, including the popular Snapdragon 888.

With that said, MediaTek chipsets can really have an advantage in terms of heat control over Qualcomm models. Something that could generate an exciting battle during 2022.

On the other hand, Samsung is the only mobile phone manufacturer that has three distinct processors at its disposal. While other brands will work with Snapdragon 8 and Dimensity 9000, they will be able to use Exynos 2200 In Galaxy Line models, being the first result of the South Korean partnership with AMD.

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