December 3, 2022
Meet all the characters in the new Globo series;  Starring: Lucy Alves, Jed Bacon, Romulo Estrella and Chai Sued

Meet all the characters in the new Globo series; Starring: Lucy Alves, Jed Bacon, Romulo Estrella and Chai Sued


Trama, which will replace the Pantanal, starts on October 10

Images: clone / Reddy Globo
Images: clone / Reddy Globo

with the end wet land Approaching, a new plot is about to hit the small screens of Ready Globo. The new novel The announcer will be Transitseries written by Gloria Perez, artistic direction Mauro Mendonca Filho. The story that will have Lucy AlvesAnd the Swedish chaiAnd the Romulo Estrella And the Jade Baconopens October 10.

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Prisa (Lucy Alves)

the hero of the story, breeze She is a determined and hardworking woman. The young woman was born an orphan in Maranhão and has a relationship I see (Swedish chai). Together they have a son, tone, ring (Vincent Alvet). She dances in Tambor de Crioula rings and performs in groups of Bumba Meu Boi – in other words, she oozes Maranhão culture. She is about to marry her lover whom she met in her childhood when she suffers from false news.

Ari (Chai Swede)

Architect, I see He is the beloved son of the owner Nuba (Derica Moraes), local trader. She did everything to give her son the conditions to have a better future. And that’s what he’s looking for. With the encouragement of your teacher Dante (Marcos Caruso), will dedicate himself to defending the historical heritage of Maranhão. The boy is going to Rio de Janeiro, when everything changes in his life.

Prisa and Ari’s relationship

With the young man going to Rio, he will give less and less news. And when breeze He decides to go after the groom. When she is at the bus station in Maranhão, a group of people accuse her of being a child kidnapper. However, she was the victim of a deep fake. A video was edited of her, on the other side of the world, and the criminal’s face changed to yours. In that moment, you’ll know Auto (Romulo Estrella).

Otto (Romolo Estrella)

semi-bedouin, Auto He is a hacker who is on a secret mission in São Luis. When he faces riots in the street (because of breeze), decided to flee, but took, in his car, the woman from Maranhão, who hid in the trunk of the car. In the midst of a climate of mistrust, the two approach and go together to Rio de Janeiro.

Kiara (Jade Bacon)

in Rio de Janeiro, I see Make friends and meet kiara, a highly spoiled and manipulative digital influencer. Even if she does not give up, the young woman is interested in the architect. She is used to having everything she wants, she will try to win over her fiancé. breeze. The girl is a daughter war (Humberto Martins), the owner of a construction company that wants to destroy the historic mansion in São Luis.

other characters

  • Dante (Marcus Caruso): female teacher I seeHe also fights to preserve the historical heritage of São Luis intact. With the help of the architect, he will gather evidence against war.
  • Guerra (Humberto Martins): Camel kiaraOwns a construction company. cut with Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) his partner after he was arrested with his fiancée, Deborah (Grazzi Massafra).
  • Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi): After moving to Portugal against his will, he was the former partner of war You will hire Oto (after 20 years) to disrupt the construction company’s largest project. war.
  • Jill (Rafael Luso) and Talita (Dandara Mariana): The girl is an intelligent woman, who will start working in the construction company and will become an important part of the construction company. war. Through it I see He will know kiara. she’s dating generation.
  • Leonor (Vanessa Giacomo) and Guida (Alessandra Negrini): old acquaintance MorettiAnd the Instructs You will marry the boy. The two met when he met his sister, leonor, dated man. After a season in Canada, leonor She arrived in Brazil just for the party, not knowing that he was her ex-boyfriend. good humor, Instructs She believed that her fiancé was a turning point in her sister’s life.
  • Donna Helou (Giovanna Antonelli), Stenio (Alexander Nero), and Creusa (Lucy Pereira): after, after Welcome And the stenu They ended up marrying at Salve Jorge, and the two became ex-couples again. curiosa He returns to work with the two and makes the bridge for the delegate, along with Yoon (Yohama Eshima), to investigate a case breezeyour niece.
  • Lais (Indira Nascimento) and Montero (Ailton Graca): married to MonteroAnd the lais I don’t have much time to take care of the kids day in and day out. That is why he prefers to put warm clothes on everything – precisely so that he does not have to solve another problem. they are parents Theoa boy who spends hours surfing the internet, and he iswho is trying to escape the strict rules of his overprotective father.