May 30, 2023
Meet Gleason De Souza, a former American football dancer

Meet Gleason De Souza, a former American football dancer

Thousands of young people are making decisions for the future to achieve their true dreams. Gleison de Sousa experienced something similar. At the age of 18, she ventured into the dance industry, left the studio and went to the fields, and today she is living the big dream of her life.

Gleison de Sousa plays for Miami Athletic Club in the United States (Photo: Disclosure/Miami Athletic Club)

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Gleason knew he had chosen a difficult path, but giving up was never an option. Working at clubs in the interior of Santa Catarina, he turned professional there and that’s where his dream began to come true.

– I received an offer that I could not refuse to go to Germany. I was 22 years old, I couldn’t accept it, I went without thinking twice, it was one of the best choices of my life – said the Brazilian, who currently defends the colors of the Miami Athletic Club. ‘The Fourth Division’ from America.

With an organization and management full of Brazilians, Gleeson felt like a fellow countryman and remains grateful for the opportunity to this day.

– I never thought that my own culture would open doors for me in another country. It is where no one leaves anyone’s hand. Brazilians are like that by nature. We always help each other – he explained.

– I am working hard for this goal and I know that nothing is impossible if you believe in what you are doing. Faith in life, in God, especially in the family – he concluded.