March 26, 2023

Meet, Google Photos, and more

On the last Monday of February 27th, Google announced a series of news about android At an event in Barcelona. Although there are no specific predictions regarding the launch of the news, it is believed that these updates will arrive soon.

Among the new mechanisms are changes in Google ImagesOn Google Meet and also on emojis.

See the new changes in the Android system

This was announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC), a tech event that brings together large companies which was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. As for the news, this will be a series of improvements in Android applications and software aimed at encouraging users, find out what they are:

emoji sets

One of the novelties is the ability to combine two emojis into one through Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen mechanism. To use this function, you will need to update your keyboard, but it will be a free update.

Zoom up to 300%

Another novelty that has attracted a lot of attention concerns the new zoom limit, which will increase from 200% to 300%. Furthermore, it should be noted that an increase in zoom should not affect the look of the page in question, only the texts.

One note in Google Keep

For those who use Android for work, this new Google Keep single note would be great. In this case, there will now be a single note widget to manage all the different notes and lists made on the device in just one place. However, the best part is that it will be possible to sync these notes to a file smart watch From the company.

Noise cancellation on Google Meet

Next is the change that will be available to those with a Google One or Google Workspace subscription. This is the ability to cancel noise during meetings on Google Meet, perfect for those who need to take calls in noisy places.

New effects on google photos

Finally, we have a big change for those who like to edit their photos through Google Photos. That’s because new sticker styles are coming soon and they’ll have the Magic Eraser feature, which is capable of removing image background through artificial intelligence. However, the functionality will be exclusive to Google One subscribers.