September 25, 2023

Meet Marvel, the robot dog that can climb walls

Over the years, scientists have developed several bots Which proves the efficiency of technology in the routine of humans. As a result, many companies have created robotic dogs, which can also be useful to society.

But can a robot dog climb a wall? Let’s prove that yes and show that a robot dog It could be more useful than you think.

Meet Marvel, the wall-climbing robot dog

After asking the question whether or not robotic dogs can climb walls, a team of scientists from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology They put the theory to the test with their new creation: the Marvel robot dog (short for Magnetic sticky robot for fast movement and versatility).

Through the study, the team concludes that Marvel has the ability to scale metal walls, due to his legs being electromagnetic.

a comic It weighs about eight kilograms and has rubber-like legs and feet capable of conducting electromagnetic forces. Moreover, my feet bot It contains permanent electromagnets, which can be activated or deactivated depending on where Marvel is located.

In addition, through experience, it was also possible to observe that Marvel can move vertically 0.5 meters per second on smooth surfaces. It is also able to move slower on uneven surfaces, and even overcome obstacles.

Thus, what impressed the scientists most was its ability to adapt to different surfaces, given that the tests were also carried out in a rusty tank and even on metal surfaces.

More experiments are expected to be conducted bot It can be useful not only for routine tasks from humans, but also in industrial environments, where they can perform tasks that pose a risk to employees.