December 2, 2023
Megaloblastic women are entitled to a reduction surgery by SUS

Megaloblastic women are entitled to a reduction surgery by SUS

The Legislative Chamber of the Federal District (CLDF) This Tuesday (26th), a bill was approved that guarantees women with breast enlargement or bilateral massive breast enlargement reduction surgery. It was authored by Representative Eduardo Pedrosa (Unía Brasil), and will be sanctioned by Governor Ibañes Rocha (MBD).

According to the proposal, women will be operated on in cases of excessively enlarged breasts in which the patient shows signs and symptoms of suffering. A medical report must be issued by an orthopedic surgeon or neurologist.

From there, care and surgeries must be provided through the public hospital network, through the competent authority in the health field, or through an agreement with the Unified Health System (SUS). Medications after surgery must also be provided by the GDF.

The problem can cause pain in the shoulders, a rash around the breasts, and marks deep in the skin of the bra strap. These changes can be irreversible, if this excess weight is not treated in time, as it can alter the anatomy of the spine, causing hernias and deviations of the spine.

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