Megan Brodeur still dominates

Megan Brodeur domine encore

The wave of polar cold hits the Midwest u.s. has not managed to slow down the passions of Megan Brodeur, who, faithful to his habits, and has delivered an excellent performance during the fifth event of the season of snocross in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

The purpose of the week of the races follow and look the same for the young driver coaticookoise, which rises relentlessly on the highest step of the podium since the beginning of the season. The weather conditions gave him a hard time in the day Friday, as the fatigue caused by the cold.

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“The snowmobile was going well, but I had a bit of a misery to me to adjust to the track. I didn’t have a lot of energy and it made me miss guts, ” said the one who has made the resilience and the determination of its trade-mark. “I tried to get as much rest as possible during the day between the qualifications to recover for the final. The track was icy because of the cold and it made it very slippery. “

After having finished first and second during qualifying sessions during the day, Megan Brodeur has raced well in the final, finishing a few lengths of snowmobile only behind the Swedish Marlene Anderson, who occupies the third place in the general classification.

“I have taken off the fourth, my departure has been. I made an overflow for the third position fairly quickly. Just after my passing, I was following the girl in front of near, but it has taken the lead and it exceeded the first. It took me some time to overcome my turn and I ran out of time to catch up with the leader “, explains the young driver after the race.

The next day was better for the champion title. The temperature is softened, which did soften the snow so as to make the track more sticky. In addition, Brodeur is fed with supplements of vitamins and minerals to be at the top of his form, she had a sore back the day before, after being badly landed after a jump.

More relaxed

“I had more energy on Saturday, I was well rested. I took shakes and I ate well, it has helped me to feel better. The temperature was more comfortable and the track was less slippery, the conditions were much better. The snow was much softer. “

Strong have earned the two qualifying sessions, the pride of Coaticook has dominated the finish of Saturday en route to a decisive victory. “I have become unstuck in the top five. Instead, I will concentrate on the girls in front of me, I followed the lines that I wanted to take to make my rounds as quickly as possible. My strategy worked well. I passed the girls one at a time until I was in the first place. I really excelled in my landings in the second race, my technique was perfect. ”

After the end of the week of competition, Megan Brodeur stands with a lead of 42 points on his rival more closely, the U.s. 15-year-old Taven Woodie. The next competition on the circuit, american is in only three weeks, the young prodigy will be in action at the Grand Prix Skidoo of Valcourt on Sunday, a rare opportunity for its supporters to see it in action.

“It has been another good week-end. The crowd was very involved once again. All the families of my team were on the spot since they live in Michigan, it was beautiful to see. I look forward to returning home and to participate in the Grand Prix of Valcourt on Sunday, the atmosphere will be incredible. “

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