February 2, 2023
MEIs têm direito a empréstimo de até R$ 21 mil; veja como conseguir

MEIs are entitled to a loan of up to 21 thousand Brazilian reais; See how you get it

Individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs) can access multiple lines lend Specific to upgrade your business. There are many options with different values, interest rates and number of installments. Therefore, it is necessary for MEI to analyze the alternatives, so that it hires a credit That will help you expand your business.

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Is MEI entitled to retire INSS? How it works?

The Government of São Paulo, in partnership with SEBRAE, offers a set of lend For small entrepreneurs through the Empreenda Rápido program. The program aims to provide entrepreneurs with everything they need for their businesses in just one place.

The initiative is based on some pillars, namely: entrepreneurship qualification, technical qualification, formalization and regulation, access to credit, innovation and productivity technology, and access to new clients.

In addition, the program helps the entrepreneur to quickly open his own company, as well as access the loan with the best interest rates, manage his investments, professional qualification and close new partnerships. So, check below how Empreenda Rápido works and how to get credit ranging from R$200 to R$21,000.

MEIs are entitled to a loan of up to 21,000 BRL

In short, the Empreenda Rápido program is available to those who have a CNPJ and to those who do not. For those who already have a CNPJ, the goal is to invest in higher growth, with the goal of increasing productivity and market competitiveness.

The program offers different qualifications, depending on the size of the company, whether MEI or ME/EPP. Upon completion of the program, financing of loan lines can be requested on exclusive terms. MEI and Rural Producer with CNPJ can borrow credit limit up to R$8,100.00, at interest rates from 0.35% to 0.70% AM

To apply for the loan, you must have completed the Empreenda Rápido, Super MEI course and have no SERASA and State CADIN restrictions. For those who do not have a CNPJ yet, there is an offer of technical, management and organizational courses and a line of credit. There are three lines of the loan, the first of which is up to 3000.00 BRL. The second, up to R$5000.00 and the third and thereafter, up to R$5000.00. Finally, the credit application must be submitted in this Link.

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