December 8, 2022
Mercado Pago increases vending machine fees

Mercado Pago increases vending machine fees

a Mercado BajoThe Mercado Livre digital wallet notifies customers through the application and by email that the platform will be subject to Change in prices from today November 21 2022. The new prices will be applied to users who make sales with a Point Machine.

In the message, the platform informs that a file rates User sales Through the QR code (function credit) and credit card cash using Point – The Mercado Pago machine – It will be Re-adjusted to 4.98%.

Check out the full message below:

Mercado Pago machines

Mercado Pago offers 4 types of card machines. All accept payments via QR Code and Pix, in addition to offering up to 12 installments and accepting brands such as MasterCard, Visa, HiperCard, American Express, Diners Club, Sodexo and Elo.

The four options are:

Point Mini

The Point Mini is connected to the user’s cell phone to make transactions. As expected already in the name, it is smaller than traditional card machines. The form accepts credit, debit, QR code and Pix payments.

Point Mini Chip

Point Mini Chip offers the same benefits as Point Mini. However, a cell phone connection is not required to work, a chip with a 2G data plan (free) and Wi-Fi is used.

Point Pro 2

The Point Pro 2 is a much larger and more complete machine than the first options. It also accepts payments by credit, debit, Pix and QR Code. However, unlike the first two, it prints proof of payment and its battery lasts longer.

Point Smart

Point Smart is the most advanced machine in the Mercado Pago. It has a touch screen and a battery life of 72 hours. 4G data plan.

Photo: Advertising / Mercado Pago