April 2, 2023
Mercado Pago is now a digital bank: see how it works

Mercado Pago is now a digital bank: see how it works

Recently, Mercado Pago started working as a financial and insurance broker and is now known as a digital bank. paying off

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In 2004, Mercado Bajo It was just a free market payment method. Therefore, the platform acted as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. Recently, it started working as a financial and insurance broker, and for this reason, it is now known as a digital bank.

Mercado Pago has increased the offering of financial products and services and can now be considered as a digital bank. Anyone who is already using the platform can take advantage of some of the advantages offered by the bank.

View Financial Services on Mercado Pago

By switching to a digital bank, Mercado Bajo Increased offer of financial services, allowing Brazilians to control their financial lives through the platform.

Being part of the platform and enjoying all the benefits, it’s simple. Download Application Register for free by submitting the required information. Check out some of the benefits:

  • All 100% digital;
  • lines credit to pay in installments on the ticket;
  • Valid for purchases on websites;
  • Payments using QR code, vouchers;
  • purchases made in the free market;
  • an income generating account;
  • buy and sell cryptocurrency;
  • Make conversions and much more,

How do you invest in the platform?

Developments in Mercado Pago’s products and services were even greater in 2019, after obtaining the license as a payment institution with the Central Bank. For those who want to make their money work, the account has this option and has income 100% of the CDI.

If the client wants to invest using the application, he can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and the minimum amount is 1 Brazilian Real. In addition, the institution certifies the security of the application of funds, in addition, the transaction is simpler and faster.

So, if you are starting in the investment market, the platform has educational content about cryptocurrencies so that you can learn and build applications safely.

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Photo: Diego Tomazini / Shutterstock.com