December 1, 2023
Mercedes ends protest and congratulates rival, but presses FIA for clarity

Mercedes ends protest and congratulates rival, but presses FIA for clarity

Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton by eight points and was the Formula One champion (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

After a few days in complete silence and disappearance from social media, he appeared mercedes She reappeared in a long statement. In it, the eight-time world champion team Formula 1 He deeply regretted the accidents that occurred in the last laps of the Abu Dhabi race, but decided to drop the protest over the result of the race.

a mercedes He made sure to stress that losing is part of the sport, but he didn’t like the way things turned out Yas Marina. In the final laps of the race, Racing Direct, led by Michael Massey, announced that the Extremes would not be able to take the late lap. Soon, the decision was reversed and the safety car left the track immediately at the start of the last lap, causing confusion for many drivers and teams, allowing for an open fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, but this seven-time champion is considered a “treatment”.

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Lewis Hamilton;  Max Verstappen;  F1;  Formula 1;
F1’s decision led to a lot of controversy between the two teams (Photo: Lars Baron/Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool)

“We left Abu Dhabi unlike what we experienced. Of course, losing the race is part of the game, but it is different when you lose faith in the race. Together with Lewis, we are carefully deliberating about how we respond to the events of the season finale. Formula 1. We have always been guided by love for this sport and believe that all competitions should be won on merit. In Sunday’s race, a lot of people, including us, felt that a lot of things that happened weren’t right.” mercedes in the note.

“The reason we protested against Sunday’s race result was the implementation of the Car Safety Regulations in a new way that affected the result of the race, with Lewis taking the lead, and of course on his way to winning both worlds. We have appealed in favor of sporting justice, and since then we have been in constructive dialogue with the FIA ​​and Formula 1 To create clarity for the future, so that competitors know the rules they are racing under and how they are applied. That is why we welcomed the FIA’s decision to set up a committee to analyze what happened in Abu Dhabi and to improve the robustness of the rules, governance and decision-making process in Formula 1. We also welcomed their invitation to teams and pilots to participate,” he continued.

“the team mercedes– AMG Petronas will actively work with this committee to build Formula 1 Best – for all the teams and all the fans who love this sport as much as we do.

Lewis Hamilton;  Max Verstappen;  F1;  Formula 1;  GP DE Abu Dhabi;
Mercedes also paid tribute to Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool)

The statement also noted paying tribute to everyone involved in the fight for the world title, including new champion Verstappen. The Dutchman congratulated the opposing team, who recognized his talent and fierce battles on the track. There was also room to pay tribute to Hamilton, who finished second.

“a Max Verstappen it is in Red Bull The Race: We would like to express our sincerest respect for your achievements this year. You made this a truly epic championship fight. Max, we congratulate you and your entire team. He wrote to “We are looking forward to fighting you on the track next season.” mercedes.

“Finally, even if the Drivers’ World Championship doesn’t end as we expected, we can’t be more proud of our team. Lewis, you are the greatest driver in our history.” Formula 1 And you’ve guided with your heart every lap of this wonderful season. You are an impeccable athlete on and off the track and have performed flawlessly. As a pure competitor and as a role model for millions of people around the world, we congratulate you.”

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Lewis Hamilton in action during the Abu Dhabi World Grand Prix (Photo: Mercedes)

This Wednesday (15), FIA Released the beginning of an in-depth analysis of what happened at the end of the race, with reluctance to say if the latecomers can retake the lap while the safety car is in, and then only pass for those who were between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The decision came at a meeting of the World Automobile Council.

In the separate statement described in the original, the FIA ​​hailed a “season of competitive excellence”, giving credit to the “participating drivers and teams”, and commended the Max Verstappen In order to win and for the title and Lewis Hamilton “For his outstanding performance and sportsmanship after the season-ending event.”

From then on, the note starts talking about the reaction of a community F1 and from motorsports, as well as from the public, moving directly to the case from lap 53. “The circumstances surrounding the use of the safety car after the accident with Nicholas Latifi Relevant communications between the FIA ​​racing management team and F1 teams have led to misunderstandings and reactions from F1 teams, drivers and fans, an argument that tarnishes the image of the championship and due celebration of a first World Cup title. of drivers won by Max Verstappen and the eighth consecutive title of Constructors World Championship that he won mercedes“, said the FIA ​​statement.

The FIA ​​then reports Jean Todt’s proposal for a comprehensive analysis of events. This will be discussed and addressed with all teams and riders to draw lessons from this situation and the clarity that will be brought to participants, the media and fans about current regulations to maintain the competitive nature of our sport while ensuring the safety of pilots and staff. It’s not only Formula 1 that could benefit from this analysis, but also, in general, all other FIA championships,” the note added.

Dramatic final round of the Abu Dhabi F1 GP (Video: TSN)

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