Messmer: in the footsteps of hypnosis

Messmer: sur les traces de l’hypnose

Hypnosis has fascinated Eric Normandin well before he became the great Messmer on the boards of the Quebec and Europe. In his autobiography, How the hypnosis has changed my life, which arrives in bookstores next week, he tells us about his route to the least singular and invites the reader to discover the science in which he has bathed for 47 years now.

The idea of writing his story is to be born ” of discussions around a table “, allows to know the fascinating. “On tour, I always tell full stories, my team, and they are many saying to myself ‘you could make a book’ for a long time. At the same time, I told myself that it could help a few people understand the power of hypnosis and the importance of following the signs that we send to the universe and our inner voice. “

A path…

Since always, the youngest of a family of five children believes in the science of hypnosis. And he likes to think that his way, although singular, was predestined. “(…) I know that brother André lived for a long time at Saint-Césaire, in the house that would be later one of my parents (…) I could not help to think that the benevolent spirit of the holy man had protected the house and watched over its inhabitants, when he had not passed a portion of his gifts… “, he writes in the first chapter on her childhood.

It is, however, the spellbook of his grand-father Lucien, acquired in order to protect themselves from a certain Mr. Lalancette who had the power to make things happen, that will be the trigger of an all-consuming passion, even as a child. “From the moment I put my hand on it, it is more a matter of a simple book. It has become my grimoire. (…) The result was well beyond my expectations, a bit like a revelation of which we are not aware or that we do not confess. I discovered a world of possibilities, a universe in which I didn’t know until then of the existence : that of hypnosis and the power of the spirit, ” he said.

Across some 230 pages published by Michel Lafon, it is revealed that Messmer still has the grimoire, that he keeps under lock and key in a vault, that he was first mesmerized the neighbour’s dog before trying his luck on a classmate, he started his career as a hypnotist, in the office in Saint-Liboire, in Montérégie, in the same time that he led from the front in a career of graphic designer and he turned to entertainment in order to promote its item

“I was a little tired of receiving therapy of people who did that as a last resort, who did not believe it really,” he admits. I got the idea to make more people aware of the hypnosis by reaching the most people possible. “

Therapy entertainment

By a combination of circumstances, it is on stage that he came to it, and while a degree of skepticism remains, one that sees itself as “the locomotive of the hypnosis” is delighted to see a growing acceptance of this science to professionals and the general public for more than a decade. “I attended all the phases of evolution, he points out. At the beginning, no one believed it, the people perceived hypnosis more like magic or a trick arranged. Then, it was believed hypnosis therapy, but not those of the show. Then, the two have been accepted, but it was said that he had to be careful, that this could be dangerous, that one could even go crazy — which of course is not true. Now, it’s going much better. “

Through three shows and as many tv shows, Messmer has hypnotized more than 160 000 people in the career, he said, and pushed away constantly the limits of hypnosis. The logical sequence of things, at the end of his current tour Hypersensoriel, ” in four or five years “, will undoubtedly slow the pace of his live performances to devote himself, again and again, but in a different way, to discover hypnosis and the power of the spirit. “I am considering seriously to mount a seminar on the power of the spirit, so that people continue to discover its incredible powers over our lives, the healing, etc,”, let he know.

The hypnotist is working currently with the CNRS (national Centre of scientific research) to a study on hypnosis that seeks to understand, among other things, ” why hypnosis works, and why it is more difficult with a topic than another.”

Messmer’s : how hypnosis has changed my life, released in bookstores on February 7.

Messmer will stop at the Palace de Granby for an additional his show Hypersensoriel on 20 September.


A native of Saint-Césaire and having grown up in the region, Éric Normandin, alias Messmer, makes beautiful use of her hometown childhood in his autobiography How hypnosis has changed my life, that it punctuates anecdotes.

The first chapter is entitled, moreover, Saint-Césaire and its mysteries. It speaks not only of the house where he would have been conceived, according to what he told his mother and that would have also hosted the brother André, the other ex-inhabitant of Saint-Césaire “to have acquired the reputation of a maker of miracles”, but also to the Village of Captain Man, transformed into a Village of the Far West, and where he had found the way to enter without paying. The place and especially the character of Michel Christmas have marked both as the fascinating would later use the famous phrase, “the skeptics will be confounded”, in his shows, he says.

There is also the matter of the fact that his parents worked at the “Ballin”, the former clothing factory of the village, and the cottage rented by the family in the summer on the banks of the Yamaska river.

A little further on, we learn that after having dropped out of high school, he held several menial jobs, in Furniture Gervais, among others, where he met René, who would later become Sinclair, his accomplice from the scene. He was followed by studies in graphic design in Cowansville. And one of the first performances he has given under the name Messmer was done at the secondary school of J.-H.-Leclerc, 1995, the same that he had left her a few years ago.

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