November 28, 2023

Meta opens the metaverse platform to the public

Meta has launched the Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform. Meta is responsible for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. A few months ago, he was announcing the creation of the metaverse. The virtual environment will be a simulation of real life through digital devices. The Horizon Worlds platform has launched in the US and Canada at the moment.

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Metaverse – Horizon Worlds Virtual Reality Platform

At the moment, Horizon Worlds has very simple features. This somewhat disappointed some users who were eager to create the metaverse. Currently, the platform allows you to meet others to exchange ideas. You can also play some games and build your own worlds. Nothing really new in the virtual universe.

To access Horizon Worlds, you must be of legal age (over 18 years old). In addition, the user will have to purchase and use compatible virtual reality glasses.

“We want Horizon Worlds to be a safe environment in which everyone can follow our Virtual Reality Conduct Policy.” These were Meta’s words when announcing the launch of its virtual reality platform.


Facebook recently turned into a Meta company. In fact, social networks have become one of the products of this company.

From now on, the goal of the Facebook creator is to create a wide and wide range. It is an augmented reality virtual environment that simulates real life. It will be possible to meet almost new people, buy houses, cars and more.

There are even some cryptocurrencies that will be used specifically within the metaverse. In fact, everything would have to do with the world of “flesh and bone”. Even cryptocurrencies can be bought and traded for real money.

The proposal is to create an environment of complete immersion through technological devices. This is why it is essential to have VR glasses. Through it, the participant will feel as if he is currently in the 3D digital world.