June 3, 2023
Meta Store: primeira loja física do Facebook será aberta em maio nos EUA

Meta Store: Facebook’s first physics store opens in the US in May

The FacebookCompany Mark Zuckerberg, Recently changed its name and is now called The goal And shares the company name with its virtual reality glasses Meta Quest 2 (Posted as Oculus Quest2) Today, the company announced that it was going to open its first body store The goalit will be called so Meta Store, It will be operational from May 9 next month California, To us.

Betting on Metaverse, the new physics location will be 144 square meters, which aims to provide customers with the experience found in their virtual reality glasses. Meta Quest 2With many game descriptions that use various features of sensors and controls Meta Quest 2 To allow.

People entering Meta Store You can also enjoy augmented reality glasses Radiation barrier Monitor for more video calls FacebookThe Web Home. Even when users are going to buy glasses Ray-Ban storiesThe store clerk will tell you to complete the purchase through the store Radiation barrier.

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This initiative will bring the company closer to users who have not yet experienced the virtual reality, and shows how technology is for its customers and future customers. The goal It also hopes to see what the future holds for investment and the Internet. The The goal We have not yet talked about the plan to open other stores.

You do not yet understand the proposal Metawares? We are publishing a video article here Connected world Explains how Metawares Watch the video on why big companies invest in it Click here.

What did you think FacebookNow The goal, Opening a physics company store? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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