July 14, 2024

Miara, Marisa, Henrique, Giuliano and Marilia Mendonca’s brother form a task force to hire the singer’s staff; Announcing her first song after her death

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The sertanejos Mayara and Marisa NS Henry and Juliano A “work team” was created to bring together the employees who worked for it Marilia Mendonca for their teams. The information was confirmed by the advice of the queen of suffering to hugogloss.com. In addition, the musicians who were part of the artist’s ensemble must now join her brother, Joao Gustavo, who partners with Dom Vitor.

“Mayara & Maraísa and Henrique & Juliano already have their bands. They are on a team to try and add some people to the team. (from Marilia). As for the band, some of them are (Individuals) They should continue with her brother, who owns the duo Dom Vitor and Gustavo”, Inform the singer’s team who then died plane crash at the beginning of the month.

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Even Asghar Marilia and her partner announced yesterday (24) the release of a song and video in partnership with the artist. The single, titled “Calculista” – released for the first time since his death – will be released on digital platforms on December 3. Previously, Gustavo had already written books for his sister, one of the main supporters of his career.

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