Michel Dorais: perfect for the senior AAA !

Danny Gélinas
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Michel Dorais: parfait pour le senior AAA !

CHRONIC / The morning of our meeting, Michel Dorais was very busy. Taken in spite of himself in the turmoil of “the case of Robby Petiquay” — showoff of the Wolves of La Tuque suspended for five years by the senior league AAA, chaired by Michel, following a punch to surreptitiously administered to a color Donnacona —, the one that I always considered as one of the men of hockey’s most under-estimated in Quebec has still found the time to meet with me.

For him, his involvement within this circuit senior is only a “hobby weekend” to satisfy his passion for hockey. Its real job is to be the general manager of the weekly, The Thought of Bagot, based in Acton Vale. During this morning, it was literally chased by the national media, and this, even if its circuit were closed the file Petiquay of brilliant.

I have known Michel Dorais during the famous season 2005-2006 when we were, both good and bad, to build together the deceased Crystal, Saint-Hyacinthe, in the LNAH. Knowing my reputation through a mutual friend (the trainer Reynald ” Rey ” Beauregard), Michel had asked me to give him a hand to build solid foundations in training who was left with a handful of players on its eligibility list. We formed quite a duo ! We have worked a coup, even going so far as to push the league to give any special treatment to players under the age of 25 years. We had recruited some of the best prospects, two of whom have become recruits of the year of the circuit : Maxime Desruisseaux (recruit defensive) and Michael Tessier (rookie offensive). Both are lined up alongside other talented rookies such as Samuel St-Pierre, Gabriel Balasescu, as well as the strong man that has since become legend, Derek Parker. Alas, the financial setbacks of our “billionaire” owner, who in fact had not a penny, soon all cum into the air. The future of Crystal announced yet strong intoxicating as the curtain rises… It goes without saying that a deep friendship was established since this time between Michael and me, who has always been able to count on me and me on him.

My surprise was therefore pleasant, in the beginning of last summer, to learn that Michel came to accept the presidency of the League of senior hockey AAA du Québec, which are part of the Maroons of Waterloo. If the new me was somewhat surprised, it was the same for the main party.

“I had just complete a first year without hockey (the sport part of her life for the past 30, that is, until 2017, while he was acting as vice-president of the LNAH), says Michel. I thought that maybe I had given enough. In may, I received the call from Dean Lygitsakos, owner, ceo and chief instructor of the Bellemare Louiseville, that I had known from the time of the LNAH. He asked me if the job of president could be of interest to me. I told him that yes, I could have some interest. I had learned that in life, you always had to keep the doors open ! “

“Two weeks later, I during everything with their board of governors while telling them that I was hell bent on two things : have white card and have the latitude to create my own staff. It is as well that I am surrounded by Yvan Arel (secretary), my brother Jean-François (Dorais, deputy to the prefect of discipline and the supervisor of referees), Dominic Lussier (registrar and public relations) and Pierre-Luc Boisvert (assignment officers). “

“From there, we could begin to build something, added one who will soon be 60 years. We do the hide not, and without wanting to be nasty, there was, and there are still a lot of work to do ! In addition, given that my primary mandate is to further structure the league, it should be done with people placed in the right places. “

To do this, it would have easily been able to add that one of the missions that it is data will be to change the perception of the people regarding the track that many describe as a “league of clowns” without having seen the changes over the last year. Because to have attended some matches in the past few months, I can assure you that there’s great hockey ! Of course, the element of robustness still exists — it is the DNA of senior hockey, but it patina. The updates that failed are legal, and powerful, and beautiful set pieces, very frequent. To tell the truth, the caliber of game that we are currently in the senior AAA makes me think of the one that was practiced in the mid-2000s in the League to a north american, while the lock-out of the NHL so that several hockey players of the East Coast Hockey League left without a contract, had made a return to Quebec to join the ranks of the circuit.

Questioned on the subject, the president Dorais abounded in the same direction as mine.

“You’re right ! , he launched. Even more than the LNAH, which had franchises in close proximity to one another (Sorel, Saint-Hyacinthe, Saint-Jean, Laval, etc), at home, we saw the same thing pretty much with Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Becancour, Louiseville, Nicolet, etc.. as Well, nice rivalries develop match by match. “

“You see, like me, continued Michel, the calibre of the game increases more and more and the show is better. Moreover, before the case Petiquay, from memory, there had been no suspension so-called “major” this season. I believe that we are on track and that the best is yet to come ! “

For me, one thing is certain : if the senior League AAA wanted someone to change his circuit to be recognized lovers, and this, for the right reasons, she could not think of a better person than Michel Dorais !

Michel Dorais: parfait pour le senior AAA !

Jordan Poulin and Vanessa Tétreault


Finally, I could not conclude this text without mentioning that it is precisely during a recent game of the Maroons that I’ve reconnected with two of my former pupils, now become adults, Vanessa Tétreault (Tendanse) and Jordan Poulin, sales representative at Nissan Granby. It is wonderful to see this beautiful youth grow up so well…

As for my impressions on the earlier disposal of the troops of David Lapierre, I’ll get to that in a future column.

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