July 24, 2024

Microsoft Internet Explorer must be opened because the browser is looking for the edge in battle

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The Microsoft logo was found on July 28, 2015 in an office building in New York City, USA. REUTERS / mic checker / file photo

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O) Next year it pulls the plug on its omnipotent browser, Internet Explorer, as market leader Chrome prepares to battle it out with its Slicker Edge browser.

Launched in 1995, Internet Explorer has been the dominant browser for more than a decade since it was bundled with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, already installed on billions of computers.

However, the browser began to lose ground to Google’s Chrome in the late 2000s and has become the subject of numerous web memes for its sluggishness compared to its competitors.

To compete better, Microsoft introduced the Edge browser in 2015, which runs on the same technology as the Google browser.

As of April, Chrome has a 65% share of the global browser market, followed by Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) Safari has an 18% stake, according to StatCounter, a web analytics firm. Microsoft Edge has a 3% share, while Internet Explorer has a small share of the market that once dominated.

Windows software maker Wednesday said that the future of Internet Explorer in Windows 10 lies in its fast and secure Microsoft Edge.

“Internet Explorer 11 desktop use is discontinued and some versions of Windows 10 will no longer be supported on June 15, 2022,” the company said. Website.

The browser was at the center of a hopeless lawsuit against Microsoft two decades ago, when a U.S. judge ruled that the software violated the Titan Act after merging Internet Explorer and the Windows operating system.

The most serious violations of the law were confirmed on appeal, but the company continued to compile its operating system and browser.

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