February 5, 2023

Microsoft will give its employees unlimited leave

the Microsoft Adopt a new system for vacation Which will grant unlimited leave to the company’s American employees. Unlimited leave is called “discretionary leave” by the company. This same system is already used by LinkedIn – which belongs to Microsoft.

According to a document sent by Kathleen Hogan, Human Resources Director at Microsoft, employees no longer have to wait a year for a vacation, nor do they need to record their vacation. Employees who collect leaves will receive a cash bonus.


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“While we take a more flexible approach to holidays and you are now no longer required to log hours off, we must all ensure we maintain the highest standards of our work and deliver on our commitments,” the email read.

According to The Verge, with this new unlimited vacation policy, the company will also be offering 10 corporate leaves, a leave of absence, sick and mental leave, and leave for jury duty or bereavement.

This new policy will apply to all Microsoft employees in the United States, except for hourly workers.

In addition to Microsoft and LinkedIn, other tech giants have adopted similar leave policies, such as Netflix and Oracle.

Microsoft wants to launch a modern version of Bing

Although reign The Google On the search service, Microsoft is trying to run next and will bring the news to Bing. The company plans to release a version of the software that uses ChatGPT to respond to survey results.

ChatGPT is a kind of chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI)Developed by OpenAI Corporation. With this technology, Bing will strive to provide more humane responses to search queries by users. usersrather than just links to information.

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