Milla Jasmine: It displays his love for Mudjat on Instagram !

Milla Jasmine: Elle affiche son amour pour Mudjat sur Instagram !

Milla Jasmine seems delighted. The star of the reality tv is in a relationship for over a year with Mudjat. She spreads out their beautiful complicity on Instagram…

All seems to succeed to Milla Jasmine. Professionally, the star of the reality tv never stops talking about it. It has its own small issue : “SOS Milla “. And next to the heart, while walking also like clockwork… As a couple, with Mudjat since more than a year now, she seems more in love than ever. And is not shy to show their happiness on Instagram !

MCE tells you more !

Back on the news of Milla Jasmine…

Lately, Milla Jasmine won ” Moundir and apprentices adventurers 3 “. A nice victory… But the beautiful account well do we still talk about it ! Thus, last October, Non-Stop Reality was the woman for the filming of ” SOS Milla “. A pellet in which Milla and his / her guest of the day give advice in love to anonymous…

Thus, Milla Jasmine has already received Paga, Manon Marsault or Carla Moreau, on his couch… The stars of reality tv’s most popular ! Most recently, she has also announced to his fans a new project, which will be released this Saturday, December 1st… Decidedly, nothing stops the beautiful !

More complicit than ever with his beloved Mudjat: She posts pictures of them on Instagram !

Milla Jasmine also seems to be very fulfilled in love. It shares its life with Mudjat, for more than a year. The two lovebirds like to stay discrete. They never mention, or almost all, their relationship publicly. But a small snapshot cute from time to time, it does not hurt !

This weekend, the young woman posted a photo of his sweetheart and her on Instagram. A story, on which Mudjat kisses the forehead of her dear and tender… A beautiful complicity seems to link the two lovers. In any case, we are very happy for this couple. And we wish a great success to the Milla Jasmine for the future !


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