March 30, 2023
Millie Lacombe: Corinthians would fight for the title if they had the reinforcements before - 10/06/2021

Millie Lacombe: Corinthians would fight for the title if they had the reinforcements before – 10/06/2021

NS Corinthians He hasn’t lost since I hired his reinforcements for Brazilian Championship, and reached ten matches unbeaten and entered G4 with yesterday’s victory (5) by a difference 3 to 1 against Bahia, in the game that marked the team’s reunion with fans at the Neo Química Arena nearly two years later. If the quartet formed by Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Willian had arrived earlier, would it be possible to fight for the title? For Millie Lacombe and Jose Trajano, the answer is yes.

In the UOL News Esporte, Melle says that since other teams in the top positions have interests divided between Brasilia and other competitions, Corinthians will have a very positive position in the fight depending on the reinforcements that arrived in the last transfer window.

“Without a doubt, Corinthians will be able to fight for the title, because Corinthians are focused on Brazil and not the other teams there, the attention is divided, the emotional components are divided, so yes, if these reinforcements were earlier, the Corinthians were fighting for the title, and no I have a lot of skepticism about that,” says Millie.

“A great team is put together, plays well, plays happily, plays together, something great can start at Corinthians,” he adds.

Trajano agrees that the team assembled by Corinthians can put him in a better position to feud with him Atletico MG, Palmeiras and Flamingo, pose the problem of the cost of these athletes. It also highlights the performances of Joao Victor and Gabriel Pereira, young people who have gained space and have been doing well.

“They arrived at a good time, let’s say, because there’s still plenty of time to fight there and you’re absolutely right, all the other teams, let’s include Bragantino and Fortaleza, everyone is in other competitions, Bragantino is in South America, Fortaleza has the Brazil Cup, So these four reinforcements are very good.I don’t know where Corinthians got their money from, I think it’s going to collapse, maybe it’s a Brazilian champion, I think it’s very difficult to stay between four, stay between the three, stay between the two, but bankruptcy is issued, because they are expensive players They strengthened the team a lot,” Trajano says.

“But not only the people who came from outside, these reinforcements are exhilarating. The center back is very good and this boy Gabriel regains the wing in football The Brazilians, they don’t have anything to do with Willian, with Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Giuliano, they have to deal with the history of Corinthians and in this aspect Sylvinho must be congratulated.”