Millions of people in the United States was left without connection due to a bug in the telephone system

The employee, without knowing it, made a mistake, the result of which collapsed the connection telephone company Level 3 Communications.

Миллионы жителей в США остались без связи из-за  бага в системе телефонной связи

The employee has blocked incoming calls from numbers that have been associated with malicious activity, filling lines for the rooms. However, an employee made a mistake due to the fact that he left one of the fields is empty. The software does not ignore empty fields, regarding them as the wildcard. Then the network Level 3 was to block all calls.

The consequences were horrible, 84 minutes, no one could get through due to blocking incoming calls. Just locked 111 million calls. In addition, 15 people are unable to make a call to the emergency services.

The FCC called this failure the largest working telephone in the United States. From the FCC also noted the promptness of alerts, error Level 3. This gave the opportunity to fix a bug in 4 minutes. According to the company, they have not met with such problems.

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