September 24, 2023
Milton Neves criticizes Paulo Sousa's requests and sends a message to the coach: "It won't last long."

Milton Neves criticizes Paulo Sousa’s requests and sends a message to the coach: “It won’t last long.”


Some of the demands made by Paulo Sousa were fulfilled while Jorge Jesus coached the team

Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamingo
© Photo: Alexandre Vidal/FlamingoPhoto: Alexandre Vidal/Flamingo

during the programweather‘, From Band, This Tuesday (18), Presenter Milton Nevis Talk about the technician flamingo Paulo Sousa. The journalist mentioned that some Portuguese orders may end up angering some players in the team, which, according to him, may affect his future in Carioca Club.

Here’s the deal my friend [Paulo Sousa] Flamengo arrived already with this comb: “The cell phone at lunchtime can’t even go to the kitchen”, these little things annoy the players, we have two ex-players here. Everyone should have dinner after the game, even if the guy isn’t hungry. That’s freshness! If you get to Romario, in Edmundo, those guys who really have a mind to play ball, these frills fill the bag. This guy won’t last long, huh?“.

Paulo Sousa The team arrived in a very participatory and demanding fashion, with one of the first requests being to install a screen on the edge of the lawn in Eagle nest. Another request from the technician is to use the biometric checkpoint, a tool that was used upon arrival George Jesus In the team, but stopped working after the coach left for Benfica.

Leader Portuguese Players are requested not to use mobile phones during meals in eagle’s nestIn addition to requesting the club’s board of directors to conduct an operation in Maracana For players to dine at Stadium After the matches.