March 26, 2023

Minas defeats Flamengo and faces Praia Club in the final of the Brazilian Volleyball Women’s Cup | volleyball

Minas will be Praia Club’s opponent in the final of the Copa do Brasil for women’s volleyball, this Tuesday, at 21:00 (Brasilia time), at Arena Garagua.

Minas and Flamengo play in the semi-finals of the Copa do Brasil for women’s volleyball – Photo: Maurício Val/FVImagem/CBV

Minas started losing the first set at Arena Garagua, but came back strong in the second and stunned Flamengo in the following sets. The two-time Brasil Cup champion eliminated the quadruple with parts 23/25, 25/18, 25/17 and 25/16.

Flamengo bid farewell to the Brazilian Cup and turn their attention to the Women’s Super League. The next match will be on Monday 13th against Pinheiros, at 6 pm (Brasilia time), at the Ginacio Enrique Villaboim stadium. The match will be broadcast by sportv.

the game

The first group was balanced, without the team opening a great advantage, and it was the three biggest points for Flamengo, but Minas quickly tried to reach. While the Rio team was better at serving (scoring three points in this sense), Mine dominated the blocks (scoring four times against three of the team from Rio). On the other hand, the tension in the beginning caused both sides to many fouls which gave free points to the other team. There were seven fouls on each side. At Flamengo’s set point, 24 to 23, Minas reversed a 5×1 turnaround, however, Sabrina secured the first set for Rubro Negro.

Flamengo beat Minas in Group A of the Copa do Brasil de Folie Femenino semi-finals – Photo: Maurício Val/FVImagem/CBV

Minas came back with it all in the second half and opened 6-0 with ease. Flamengo could only score with an easy pass from Peña. The mistake destabilized the team from Minas Gerais a little and the Rio team came close to 8-5 with four points of error from the opponents. However, Minas managed to get back on track and managed to build the advantage well to win 25 to 18.

Minas outlast Flamengo in Group B of the Copa do Brasil de Foley Femenino semi-finals – Photo: Maurício Val/FVImagem/CBV

In the third set, Minas continued his superiority in attacks and blocks, without having to put too much pressure on Flamengo, who continued to receive errors. After the Minas Gerais side opened the match 9-2 with ease, Bernardinho pulled off a 5-1 coup at Flamengo, but it wasn’t enough for the Rio side to get into the game. The same coach, on the group’s second suspension, said the team “can’t do the basics”. Only at the eighth point was Robro Negro able to score with a shock, and Minas was already at point 15. As in the previous set, the Minas Gerais team managed very well to close the set at 25 to 17.

The biggest fencing rally happened in the third group: 40 seconds. It was Flamengo’s tenth point in the group.

The Minas hussar featured in the semi-finals of the Copa do Brasil for women’s volleyball – Photo: Maurício Val/FVImagem/CBV

Minas dominated the fourth set again, opening it with a score of 3 to 0. However, in the first minutes, Flamengo did not let the Minas Gerais team open as many advantages as in the last two parts and managed to balance the match. However, the two outstanding Minas players, Peña and Kessie, took charge of keeping the team on top. The Minas Gerais team opened with nine points, 21 against 12, and Flamengo lost confidence in the classification more and more. The last point could not be from another athlete: Penã closed the group at 25 to 16 and the duel at 3 to 1 for Minas.