March 25, 2023

Minister brings important warning to workers

a FGTS birthday draw It was created in Bolsonaro governmentDuring the pandemic to help workers in times of economic crisis.

In this sense, the Minister of LabourAnd Louise MarinoHe said he would present to the National Congress possibilities for changing the law that releases these payments.

a FGTS birthday draw It is an optional method that allows the worker to withdraw part of the money available in the fund, annually, in the month corresponding to his birthday.

However, upon commitment to withdrawal, the worker is no longer able to withdraw the entire FGTS amount in the event of dismissal.

I can’t say what exactly it will be because I will be taking the place of Parliament. We will present possibilities and alternatives. It is a well-established law and we will give Parliament possibilities to bring about radical change in respect of this, and even the possibility of ending it, but it depends on Congress. Navy During lunch with businessmen and members of Congress.

Even during lunch Minister of Labour He stated that he had received several complaints from the workers.

According to him, the main one is that after joining the anniversary draw, they can no longer refund the FGTS funds after dismissal.

How to expect fgts birthday withdrawal

a Digio Digital Bank Launched a campaign to anticipate the anniversary withdrawal of the Payments Stop (FGTS) Fund.

In this way, Digio expects a birthday withdrawal of FGTS to be equivalent to a loan. As a result, workers can apply for a credit at any time, rather than waiting until their birth month to apply.

All Christmas draw users and Digio account holders will receive credits, even if they are negative.

In the loan method, users who are over 18 years of age and have an available balance of at least R$400 in FGTS can get credit and deposit money into their account within one business day after the application is approved.

It is worth noting that since it is an advance in the form of a loan, the monthly interest of the digital bank is up to 1.99%, as the loan installments are annually and automatically deducted from the FGTS account.

Pay the raffle for Christmas in March

Brazilian workers, born in MarchYou can now join the Fund Self-Service Guarantee (FGTS) Anniversary Draw from the 1st of this month.

In this way, the worker has until the end of the month to adhere to the method through which he can withdraw part of the available balance in the fund.

FGTS withdrawal method can be very useful if the worker is experiencing some economic hardship, and needs extra money in the account.

However, when committing to the Christmas withdrawal, the person cannot withdraw the entire amount from the fund in the event of resignation. Therefore, it is important to be careful.

Despite this, the worker can still access the termination penalty in case of dismissal without just cause, which is 40% of the amount deposited by the employer.

Moreover, it is also possible FGTS retirement withdrawalBuying your home or cases of serious illness.