Minister of Agriculture: “a Breach of confidence evident” with the population

Ministre de l’Agriculture: «Bris de confiance évident» avec la population

There is a “breach of confidence evident” between the population and the minister of Agriculture, André Lamontagne, who was embroiled in a new controversy.

It is this that has supported the official opposition on Monday, which went so far as to compare the positions of Mr. Lamontagne with those of a municipal councillor of Gatineau, ( recently to have expressed its doubts on the fact that the Earth is round.

Without going so far as to apply clearly to his resignation, the opposition parties evoke the “breach of confidence” and a “choice” by the prime minister on the future of Mr. Lamontagne.

Already tangled in a controversy over a public servant dismissed, Mr. Lamontagne created on Saturday, another controversy for the congress of the Union paysanne, an association of small agricultural producers. It was suggested that there was “some ayatollahs,” the ministry of the Environment for the agriculture — of empêcheurs around in circles — in an interview, he cited, with Benoit Charette, and his colleague at the Environment.

“”Benoit, in you, that is engaged in agriculture? What understanding he has of agriculture? We’ll have to sit, that we can find a way to raise the awareness of people in you.” In there, there are a few ayatollahs, there is a consensus on this- to see how we can accommodate,” reported Radio-Canada.

“Rejection of the scientific knowledge”

In a telephone interview with The canadian Press on Monday, the spokesman of the official opposition, Marie Montpetit, has suggested that Mr. Lamontagne was trying to discredit themselves by repudiating the scientists and advisors of the departments.

Member of parliament Maurice-Richard recalled that he had first targué to have fired an agronomist who had denounced the interference of the private in the public research on the use of pesticides, to then admit his error.

And now, rather than denouncing the advisors of the ministry of the Environment, the minister should be “more sensitive to these issues [science]”, after what happened to the councillor Nathalie Lemieux, who has lost his title as deputy mayor of Gatineau for having suggested that there is a conspiracy to eliminate evidence that the Earth is flat.

Ms. Montpetit raises “serious questions about the judgment of François Legault”, whether it continues to place its confidence in a minister “bogging down”.

Reaction Legault

For his part, Mr. Legault has defended his minister. In a press conference to Terrebonne, he said that the times are “much too long” to the ministry of the Environment in the analysis of projects submitted by municipalities and businesses. It is, however, kept to disguise an epithet to the officials.

The Syndicat des professionnels du government du Québec is brought to the defence of its members in rabrouant Mr. Lamontagne.

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