October 3, 2023
Minister participates in the event with Alan Dos Santos, a fugitive from justice - 01/09/2022 - Poder

Minister participates in the event with Alan Dos Santos, a fugitive from justice – 01/09/2022 – Poder

The event, known as the “Government Conference”, was organized by Lagoinha Church in Orlando. President Jair Bolzano (PL) recorded a video congratulating 2022 on the joys and achievements.

In addition to Fábio Faria and Allan dos Santos, Pastor Andre Valadão, Deputy Lucas Gonzalez (Novo-MG), Belo Horizonte Councilor Nikolas Ferreira (PRTB) and Paulo Figueiredo Filho also attended the conversation.

The minister said in a statement that he would not have attended if Alan Dose had known that Santos would attend.

“While in Orlando I was invited to speak at a church pastor’s event attended by my family. There is no indication that there will be one of those with problems related to Brazilian justice. He will speak if I know. Go, I’m not attending. “, Said Faria.

The minister attacked the former president Lula (EN) also said that people would starve if “communism” came to power again.

“The biggest cost to us is the cost of people starving to death if communism returns to Brazil, because if it returns, Lula will have no peace and love. [deputada do PT pelo RN], He comes with Fatima [governadora Fátima Bezerra (PT)] , He comes with Clichy, he comes with a group that never wants to leave power. They will not think of revenge, anger, rage and Brazil, ”he added.

The Minister argued that important issues were being discussed Bolzano In the presidency, the age of criminal responsibility has been lowered, non-partisan schooling and the right to carry weapons have been expanded. However, with the possibility of a left turn, some issues such as abortion need to be re-discussed.

That further argued Government of President Jair Bolsanaro (PL) No corruption. “Paulsonaro put an end to it, there is no corruption in his government, no one is trying to decide, he is buying a minister, he is not buying anything,” he said.

The Blogger Alan Dos Santos Speaking at the event, he said he was a deported journalist for not committing any crime and for not pursuing any legal or constitutional legal procedures.

He had Arrest and extradition Ordered a Oct. 5 hearing to investigate the existence Digital fighters To attack democracy and institutions.

“I’m free to be here under American law. If there are Brazilian laws, it would be to my disadvantage when a Brazilian law enforcement officer is with his family on a Christmas trip. I enjoy the country’s attraction,” he said.