Mission to Paris: Legault promises of benefits, both tangible and significant

Mission à Paris: Legault promet des retombées tangibles et importantes

PARIS – François Legault is committed to succeeding where others have failed before him, wanting to stimulate the business relationship between Quebec and France.

In mission to Paris since Sunday, the prime minister of Québec was not shown to be inhabited by doubt: things are going to change soon, he assured Monday, as trade between the two States or even other countries of Europe, will experience significant growth.

Tangible results would be visible “in the coming months,” predicted the prime minister, who has been very optimistic, during a media scrum, in the courtyard of the Senate, shortly after his meeting with the president and Emmanuel Macron, which he described as a “dealmaker”.

The tone is given: Mr. Legault wants to give now to the relationship between France and Québec accent that is more economic than political.

“Look at the results: there will be significant increases in our exports to France” and ideally to other european countries, ” said Mr. Legault, reaffirming its determination to build on the diversification of markets, while we observe a rise in some of the protectionism in the United States, by far the main market for quebec exporters.

Currently, 70 per cent of quebec’s exports take the road of the United States.

The total value of our exports to France (the sixth trading partner of Quebec in a year, or $ 1.6 billion, is equivalent to the one achieved with the United States in just three days.

Mr. Legault has thus given to his minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, the mandate of doubling the value of our exports to france in the next few years, while making France a stepping-stone to other european destinations.

Like its predecessors, it has also planned to ogle the side of China. Mr. Legault should, in principle, lead a mission as early as this fall. But the situation is very tense between Canada and China, however, could cool his ardor. It will therefore reassess the situation in the coming months.

Anyway, there are, “he said, “urgent action” to diversify our export markets.

Mr. Legault, who has stepped up meetings in recent days with the leaders of some of the largest French companies including L’oreal, the giant cosmetics, and the Group Fleury Michon, in the agricultural sector, however, remained vague on potential future investment in Quebec or of potential new market opportunities for SME exporters in Quebec.

“There are certain industries, certain companies, that we will encourage them to work together” on both sides of the Atlantic, is simply to say to Mr. Legault.

The French president Emmanuel Macron has not provided briefing to the media of quebec, but it has made a declaration in the margins of his meeting at the Elysée palace with the prime minister Legault.

He stressed the historic links privileged between France and Quebec, and noted that the meeting took place on the day of the 71st anniversary of the Quebec flag.

Mr. Macron stated that the Quebec and France have common goals on the international scene, including the fight against climate change and the development of artificial intelligence.

“I’m the only head of State in North America to represent a French-speaking majority, and therefore I have a responsibility to protect and promote the French”, has declared then the prime minister Legault, on his side, on his second day of visit to Paris.

He added that Quebec was in need of France to carry out this task of promoting the French language.

The prime minister Legault had also met earlier with his French counterpart Édouard Philippe, and was able to speak with the president of the Senate and the national Assembly, the whole surrounded at each stage of the pomp and protocol reserved for dignitaries of high rank.

Tuesday, adopting an approach that is always focused on the economy first, Mr. Legault went to the Paris stock Exchange, where 350 business people converge to participate in a dinner-conference, during which he will extol the merits of Quebec as place of business.

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