August 17, 2022
MIUI 14: New design and first features revealed in leak

MIUI 14: New design and first features revealed in leak

Update (7/26/22) – JB

The MIUI 14 is already in development And today the folks at Xiaomiui have posted some of the key features that we will be able to find in the new proprietary interface of Xiaomi. Grandma comes after the program Your code is included in the system app.

According to the blog developers, the current version of MIUI 14 is 7.22.19, and the software is in a very early stage. However, some aesthetic details can already be noted in the developer channel.

An example is that a file The design of the Vault and Clock app has been completely overhauled To make everything simpler. In addition, Xiaomi has also added the ability to permanently disable notifications in the Notification Center.

Check out some of the shots below:

Other important improvements that we can mention include displaying the amount of virtual RAM used in the multitasking page, while the file Gallery should now start selecting text in images.

Following the example of Google Photos, the MIUI 14 Gallery will also have a Memories feature to remind the user of the great moments on that date.

When it comes to security, MIUI should get an anti-fraud feature. Finally, if desired, the user can also uninstall the clock application, the expectation is that this option will also be released for other system applications.

At the moment, there is no exact release date for the stable version of MIUI 14, but it should be introduced in August.

July 21

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July 20

Original text (07/22)

With a possible release date in August, MIUI 14 . Interface The new interface will be xiaomi and its sub-brands. will depend on Android 13 And it should offer improvements and improvements in functionality, in addition to relying on the latest operating system from Google.

Although Xiaomi has not yet officially spoken, an alleged list of devices that will receive MIUI 14 has been revealed. Last week, Featured in a line of codeHe assured that it will be announced soon.

Xiaomi 13 with previews

July 21


July 21

The list was discovered by MyDrivers and lists the Xiaomi and Redmi devices that support MIUI 14 and will receive the update. Check it out below:

The list shows several phones compatible with the update, including models from the Xiaomi 10 line, Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 9. There are also some phones sold by Xiaomi in China, which have been renamed POCO in the global market.

It is worth noting that this list is not official and more devices can be added or removed.

Xiaomi should officially introduce MIUI 14 on the day August 16. The date was not chosen for nothing, because it marks the twelfth anniversary of the facade of the Chinese manufacturer. According to the leaks, the software is already being tested on the next line of flagships Xiaomi 13which bears the internal names Nuwa and Fuxi.

MIUI 13 Global was released on January 13 this year With some design changes and promises to make the system more efficient, lighter and faster.

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