May 28, 2023

Mixed team? Renato confirms that he will spare Grêmio starters against ABC in the Copa do Brasil | Association

In preparation for the Copa do Brasil match, Grêmio will make changes against ABC, this Thursday, at 21:30, in the arena. Coach Renato Portaluppi confirmed in a press conference that he will provide some starters for the return leg of the third stage of the national championship.

Renato Portaluppi in the interview to talk about the “Adriel Affair”

In the first leg, in Natal, Grêmio won 2-0, so they could draw or even lose on goal difference qualifying for the round of 16. Since the match will take place on Thursday evening and on Sunday the team faces Cuiaba, in Mato Grosso, in favor of Brazil, Renato will take advantage of the advantage to keep the players.

– It is possible (save players). Who will be saved, that’s another section. I will think until tomorrow and see how our opponent plays. We have a lot of injury problems. If I get everyone to play I have five substitutes and the other six have to play on Sunday. The wear and tear is too great, also because the ride is long. I will save, said the coach, yes.

A week ago, Grêmio had more than one team missing due to physical problems. In the last match against Cruzeiro, Lucas Silva made his return. This Monday, some injured players were present at the training sessions, but only Fabio’s return is guaranteed.

Tuesday’s action is completely closed to the press, as it should happen this Wednesday, the eve of the showdown against ABC. Despite saving starters, Renato said he didn’t take the focus off the competition.

– It doesn’t mean that Grêmio thinks the match will be easy, no, it will be difficult, but I have a group and I trust everyone. The player must be prepared, he cannot choose a game. He called, he has to do the job. I can spare some players, but others go to the bench, in case I need to – explain.

Renato Portaluppi in Grêmio training – Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

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