July 22, 2024

Miyazaki says the Elden Ring team has been pressured by PS5 Demon Souls graphics

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Miyazaki says the Elden Ring team has been pressured by PS5 Demon Souls graphics
Miyazaki says the Elden Ring team has been pressured by PS5 Demon Souls graphics

Director elden ring, Hidetaka Miyazaki, said a remake of demon souls For PS5, he has put his team under extra pressure to improve the graphical accuracy of the new game.

The PS5’s Bluepoint title was one of the highest-rated games of 2020 and garnered a lot of praise, particularly for its visuals, which many considered a milestone for next-generation console games.

Talking about the last issue of EDGE magazineNow for sale, the software designer revealed that he didn’t play the new Bluepoint version of his 2009 title, but noted that the development team felt its impact. elden ring.

“Yes, I’m sure our graphic design team felt that pressure more than anyone else,” he said in the magazine, which was copied by the website. VGC, when asked whether the graphical accuracy of demon souls It created additional pressure on his team.

‘And not only with elden ring, but with all the games we make. Graphical accuracy is not something we prioritize. What we require in the graphic aspect depends on the systems and requirements of the game itself, and has a lower priority compared to other development elements. So this is always an area where I feel a little sorry for my graphics team, because I know they work really hard. And they worked very hard elden ring Our graphics systems team and our programmers have pushed a lot of new features to create the most beautiful games we’ve ever made,” Miyazaki said.

Miyazaki clarified that he did not play the PS5 version of demon souls Because he does not like to reconsider his creations. Like I said, I wasn’t directly involved in this, nor did I really play Remake demon souls. But that’s because I don’t like playing the games I played in the past.”

“It brings a lot of old vibes, a lot of old memories, gets a bit immersive, and doesn’t make you want to play anymore. So I haven’t played the remake of A demon, but I’m really happy to see it with a new look, these new graphics of the current generation. It was an old game so obviously seeing it regenerate in this way and having new players playing it was a very happy thing. It was a tough game at the time, with a relatively difficult development, so I was worried that new players wouldn’t like it the same way. That was a concern for me when it was re-released, but, you know, in the end, I’m really happy to see the reaction and happy to see people like it,” Miyazaki comments.

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