February 1, 2023

Monica Ayoze slams a bikini-clad celebrity who is throwing the country into chaos

Actress and presenter Monica Ayoze criticized celebrities who post photos in bikinis and in a relaxed atmosphere on social media and ignore the current situation in the country, after the chaos caused by Bolsonarian extremists last Sunday (8) in Brasilia.

Through his Instagram profile, Iozzi said he thought before posting the video with the criticism, but clarified that when something “disturbs a lot, we have to bring it up for discussion.”

“I don’t know about you, but I was just baffled by this: We are living in a moment of terrible crisis in Brazil. We had an attempted coup, the three houses of power were completely destroyed, there is an artist, there are influencers, they keep posting pictures in bikinis, drinking champagne, eating lobsters, And they show off their toned muscle sucking, whatever. This isn’t the time for that, folks. We can’t talk to millions of people and pretend nothing’s going on.”

“We have to use our votes in the interest of democracy. If you don’t want to, if you want to remain excluded from that at this moment, which in my opinion would be dangerous, then do it, but keep silent. Don’t say anything. And what I mean by that is That when you’re an influencer and a communicator and a person with such tremendous reach, we have to remember that when you’re in this role, you have responsibilities. You influence people, as the name itself says.”

Finally, Monica Yozzi confirmed that this is her opinion. As for those who disagree, “It’s okay,” however, he emphasized, that he considers “it’s important to talk about it right now that I’m talking to a lot of people.”

“It bothered me. I think we have to use our voice not just to make money, just to win praise, but to speak up for what’s needed, to stand up for important things, how our democracy is being, yeah, put to the test. So, let’s think a little bit about what it means to be altruistic.” ?”, which has 3.6 million followers on the platform.