June 29, 2022
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Mônica Benini talks about criticism about her postpartum body

Monica Benigni, wife junior five, She expressed in Instagram stories, Sunday morning (17), the criticism she received because of her body, a week after her birth. larra, his daughter with the singer, who is also the father of Otto, 4, also as a result of his relationship with the designer.

Followers criticized Monica for displaying a “normative body” even after giving birth. “The point is that the Internet is full of judges and it is becoming increasingly difficult to share one’s experiences. I write here, in my view, I never mean to offend or belittle anyone. Everyone has their own pains and their experiences,” Benigni said.


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Monica also said that she had difficulties accepting her body during motherhood. “I am fully aware that my body is up to the required standard. But this acceptance that I wrote is no longer there. In my first birth, I no longer liked the image I saw reflected in the mirror after birth. My intention was to speak, specifically, with these people”, said the famous woman.

However, because of the judgments she’s receiving, Monica said it might not be worth sharing her account after she’s pregnant. “I participate in the gathering, that is the only intention. Peace,” continued Junior’s wife Lima.

Monica Benigni defends herself from criticism on social media – (Image: clone/Instagram/Stories)

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