February 2, 2023

More classified documents were found at the Biden-Dooley family home

The White House was quick to make public the files in the Biden family home, but did not release the materials in the Washington office until Monday. (Photo: Mandel NGAN/AFP)

Another five pages of classified documents were found in a room adjacent to the garage of US President Joe Biden’s family home in Wilmington, Delaware, the White House reported Saturday (14).

The latter said in a statement that these documents, dating back to the period when Biden was vice president (2009-2017), were found by presidential advisor Richard Sauber after he arrived at the scene on Thursday evening.

The official had gone to the Biden residence to oversee the transfer of a first series of classified documents to the courts on Wednesday.

Sauber noted that when the president’s personal lawyers searched the house, they found a page marked with secrecy. However, since they did not have permission to analyze this type of record, they did not initiate investigations and reported it to the Ministry of Justice.

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A 1978 law required US presidents and vice presidents to send all email, letters, and other business documents to the National Archives.

Sauber, who has permission to review classified documents, discovered five more pages when he went to the White House, bringing the total to six, and said Justice Department officials accompanying him seized them “on the spot.”

In addition to files found in the residence, other classified documents were discovered in November at the Ben Biden Center, a diplomatic center where the president had an office, and were also handed over to justice.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed an independent prosecutor to investigate the case.

The White House was quick to announce the files in the Biden family’s home, but it did not release the materials in the Washington office until last Monday (9), two months later.