More than 60 shots later, the Inouk prevail

Plus de 60 tirs plus tard, les Inouk l'emportent

The Arctic of Montreal-North and its keeper Cedric Lariviere have held up for more than two periods, Friday night, at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin. But the cream eventually rise to the surface and the Inouk have signed up to a victory of 6-3 in front of 476 of their supporters.

After two periods, the Arctic, the worst team of the Ligue junior AAA with its four small wins in 31 matches, was leading 3-2. In fact, he kept his lead until the eighth minute of the third. But the Inouk have put three goals in less than four minutes and it was really a chance of the visitors.

William Leblanc, Louis-Philippe Denis and Thomas Caron had not played together for one end, and, clearly, they were bored. To tell the truth, they have almost done all the work in attack, Denis amassing two goals and as many assists, Will The Thrill collecting a goal and three assists and Caron, for the return of the global Challenge junior, registering three assists.

Simon Lavoie, Félip Bourdeau and Tristan Belliveau recorded the other goals for the winners, who go to the holiday break with a record of 22 wins and 8 defeats.

Cedric Lariviere has faced… 64 throws. We will say that the Granbyens have not performed as fire hazardous, but remains that it has blocked 58 washers.

At the other end, Hugo Duteau was pushed out of 14 shots, he has lost two times in front of Nicholas Ranno. Marc-Antoine Dufour had to keep the goals of Inouk, but the gastro has made havoc among your favorites this week and he is the latest victim. Nicolas Gendron was the assistant to Duteau.

Nicolas Roy, Hubert Cyrenne-Blanchard and Nathan Martel, all injured, as well as Miguel Duchaine (first of a two-game suspension) were not in uniform either.

Leblanc : “A question of time “

William Leblanc scored his 45th goal of the season on Friday. He was happy to find Thomas Caron at his side.

“It was such a beautiful chemistry, Thomas, Louis-Philippe and me, he said. This evening, we came across a goalkeeper who stopped everything, but we knew that it was a matter of time and that force launch and launch, it would eventually return. “

Will The Thrill admit it : the holiday break is welcome.

“Yes, it is tired. Think about something else than hockey for a few days will do good. Above all, we, up we go. It is necessary to recharge our batteries to come back stronger in 2019. “

If he has admitted that the number of judgments made by Cedric Lariviere was impressive, Patrice Bosch said that Inouk had too often thrown into the belly of the keeper of the Arctic.

“For two periods, there was nobody in front of him and he was always in the periphery of the net, he mentioned. It was good, sure, but it helped him look good. “

Bosch was held to pay tribute to the ex-recruiter-in-chief Gilles Lapierre, the Inouk were honored before the match.

“I worked with Gilles for seven years and I can tell you that it was not often deceived. I am stubborn often with him, but he still had the right arguments to convince us to choose this or that player. It is a passionate of hockey and the players we recommended that were always passionate as him. He was not playing, but it is a great story of Inouk. “

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