March 25, 2023

Mother’s face! The actress who played Gabriel in the movie ‘Xena’ poses with her eldest son on Instagram

Photo – Reproduction / Renaissance Pictures / Universal Television Enterprises / Studios USA Television Distribution

actress Renee O’Connor She played the role of Gabriel, Xena’s best friend, in “Xena: Warrior Princess”. Along with Lucy Lawless, she became one of the most popular personalities of the ’90s.

O’Connor was born in Katy, Texas in the United States. She was married to Steve Moyer from 2000 to 2005 and married Sora’s grandfather in 2017. The star is a mother of two children named Iris Sora O’Connor and Miles William Muir.

She appeared alongside her eldest son, Miles, in a photo the 21-year-old posted to Instagram. And fans in the comments highlighted the resemblance between mother and son.

mother’s facethe most prominent netizen.

“How beautiful they are both!”another male.

“I can’t believe my eyes, the boy is now a handsome man. Good job, Rene.”highlighted another follower.

In the caption, the actress thanked the entire production team for the opportunity to be part of the cast.

To all my friends and family across the US, the season finale of “My Life is Murder” premieres today! I also wanted to thank everyone involved in this amazing opportunity. This project has been an incredibly warm welcome to the NZ Screen community. And I can’t help but consider myself part of this amazing group of people.”pointed out.

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At the time the photo was shared, Renee and Miles were working on My Life Is Murder. In the series, Gabriel’s interpreter returns to work with Lawless for an episode – a great encounter that has marked generations.