March 31, 2023
Moto G62: Good battery and sound to make up for performance and camera |  Analysis / review

Moto G62: Good battery and sound to make up for performance and camera | Analysis / review

a Moto G 62 It’s another Motorola mid-range mobile option with 5G connectivity. It is basically a Moto G52 With minor tweaks, it abandons the AMOLED screen for a lower screen and support for new generation networks. Is it worth it? This is what we will find out.

The design is very similar to the other versions in the line. There is a triple set of cameras on the back and a metallic paint job with a gray and green plastic finish. The front has a punch-hole selfie camera in the top corner and slightly wider bezels than others in the AMOLED screen line.

The G62 has a 6.5-inch screen with a good level of brightness and 120Hz refresh rate. The IPS panel that Motorola uses doesn’t impress in color reproduction, but it has contrast in scaling. The audio portion compensates for the good volume and balance between bass, mid, and treble.

The G62 features a Snapdragon 480 Plus processor accompanied by 4GB of RAM. It’s a disappointing combination for a device in its price range, and we were expecting something like the Snapdragon 695 and 6GB of RAM, which is the configuration sold in other markets. The speed test was slow, but it did just fine in games.

The battery lasts for a long time and can provide autonomy for more than a day. The 20W charger doesn’t help much and takes more than 2 hours to fully recharge the battery. Even a quick recharge can take as long as no more than 15% with 15 minutes in the socket.

G62 cameras are well known and we have similar sensors to the others in the line. The main device brings 50 megapixels and records good photos in favorable lighting conditions. The 8MP camera is quite wide, although it is very limited at night. The 2MP macro does only the basics and is rarely able to make a difference in the images captured. The 16MP front camera records good selfies and hits the blurry background, while the camcorder only records in Full HD and has good stability when shooting at 30fps.

Is it worth buying a Moto G62? Only if owning a 5G phone is a top priority for you now and even when you find it a good deal. Its price is close to the G82 which is also 5G and has a better range. For more details, just check out the full review below:

Motorola Moto G62 launched in Brazil in July 2022 by 1999 Brazilian Real. Below you will find the best offers on the device: