September 24, 2023
Luto é novo jogo de terror psicológico com visuais fotorrealistas

Mourning is a new psychological horror game with realistic visuals

during the Show future gamesbroadcast this Saturday (11) as part of summer fest gameAnd the Smith It was one of the advertised titles that caught the most attention. The game is in development for PC, PS4, and PS5 and will arrive in 2022 with no specific date.

Described as a first-person psychological horror, the game features realistic graphics, which seems to refer to a playable humor silent hillsIt promises to play a lot with senses and environments to provoke fear.

In addition, the game aims to explore different types of phobias, among those mentioned: monophobia (fear of being alone), claustrophobia (fear of confined environments), agoraphobia (fear associated with the inability to escape) and agoraphobia ( Fear of the dark)).

According to the official page on Steam, the experience will focus on the narrative and put the player under the control of someone who is unable to leave their case. On the mission of finding ways to escape, she will have to walk unusual paths that defy her senses, as you can see in the trailer above.

“Discover the pain of losing a loved one, the horror of insecurity into the deepest darkness hidden behind anxiety and depression…”says the official description.

Smith Developed by Broken Bird Games, a small independent production company located in Gran Canaria, Spain. According to the official website, this will apparently be the studio’s first project – and it already promises a lot for fans of the game’s scariest.